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Are University of York STEM CPD sessions worth the effort of getting there?

Discussion in 'Science' started by kittykittykitty, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. kittykittykitty

    kittykittykitty New commenter

    Hi all,
    I haven't posted in years but wanted to know if anyone had had CPD with the National STEM center at York uni. It's a five hour drive from me, and quite likely an overnight stay - I wanted to know from others who had had STEM CPD there if it was worth the effort?
  2. CharlotteD9

    CharlotteD9 New commenter

    I went on a NQT course there and loved it. Found it really useful and still refer back to the resources from the course today. I suspect it will depend upon which course and the individual but I would say it’s worth it (the food was fab too!)
  3. Evertonian

    Evertonian New commenter

    I've done loads albeit a while back now - had the whole department out and I've done two residentials up there. Absolutely brilliant imo...only once had some less than great feedback from those out. I can't tell you how much I got out of spending time with HoDs/teachers on the campus and getting to spend full days away from the craziness of school (not a bad beer down the local either!). Wish I could find another I could be allowed on! BTW if they still do CERN I used my half-term to go and was more than happy doing it...trip of a lifetime if that sort of physics holds any interest! If anyone from their is reading, thank you for all the hard work - if that sort of thing had been coming from every LEA nationally I suspect we'd all be having much happier times!

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