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Are they having a laugh?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by robyn147, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    Well...I don't think it was OTT because, after all, it was one of SO many things. If it had been the only thing, I'm sure Basso wouldn't have posted. That one was a proofreading error. There's an 'edit' facility on here, so we can 'admire' our ramblings, and put things like that right.
    Sorry, OP (Jenny?) - this can't have been comfortable reading for you. Another poster did refer to standards of English on the internet in general, but posts on a forum of educators should, surely, be of a reasonable standard.
    I hope this won't put anyone off posting in the future, and goodness knows I make the occasional howler myself, but I do think Basso has raised an important issue here. Perhaps there should be a separate thread?
  2. CathySupply

    CathySupply New commenter

    I agree with both sides of this debate, up to a point. I too am utterly sick of semi-literate teachers giving real ammunition to all those wishing to bash teachers. I'm not suggesting that secondary maths or science teachers (for instance) should have a comprehensive grasp of the finer points of the semi-colon any more than I have a firm grasp of quadratic equations (whatever they are), but it's a bit much when primary collegues can't spell any better than their pupils. Perhaps what you get when you pay peanuts?
    But did BP have to be so rude about it? I wouldn't want him or her teaching my child. Are there no ways of raising important points without being so snide?
  3. I make a lot of typos... the batteries on my wireless keyboard are dying out and it means it keeps skipping letters when I'm typing quickly. I don't sit and extensively proofread stuff on internet forums - because, let's be honest here, I have a life. I DO proofread stuff when it matters - that's the key thing.
    I get sick of the smug "oooo I found a typo in a teacher's post" mentality though - it doesn't make you look big, or clever, it just makes you look tedious.
  4. CathySupply

    CathySupply New commenter

    You can't spell 'colleagues', you silly woman [​IMG]
  5. I'm new to this so I haven't got all my bumf ready yet (including the agreement with the parents/students). I am a bit concerned that so many of them seem to want me to haggle with them, and a few are desperate to find someone with an inside track with respect to grammar entrance. Speaking of which, are there such things as generic past papers and revision guides for those facing that sort of exam in English at 11 or 13?

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