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Are there more interviews to take place for Glasgow Uni PGDE?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I had my interview for the glasgow pgde on 6th Jan, two friends had theirs on 11th Jan and I am sure I read there was a second round on the 24th and 26th Jan.
    I still havent been updated on GTTR with an outcome although my friends have and been offered places. A girl that was in my interview group has been unsuccesful, so I guess the all the definate yes and no people have been told?
    Just wondering of anyone has still to get their interview with glasgow as this wait is unbearable! The uni told me GTTR granted them an extention till the 14th Feb to get their offers out but I think I read on here there are yet more interviews on 24th Feb!!!!
    If anyone knows any more than I do or is in the same position please reply! I cant take the waiting any longer, thats been four weeks for me and my mates only waited a week for a decision.
  2. I have an interview on 24th FEB for PGDE Primary at Glasgow Uni. I think this is the last round as I haven't heard anthing about any other dates. Finger crossed they will let us all know quickly after the 24th feb!!! xxx
    Good luck to all.

    At this stage no news is good news!!!
  3. I had Glasgow Uni down as my second choice, but when I got an unsuccessful from Dundee Uni, Glasgow put on track that the course is full! I'm a bit confused as so many people on here are yet to have their interviews at lots of different unis, but if you do a course search everywhere says they have no vacancies! :S It makes no sense to still be interviewing people if there are no places left!
  4. Hi, i think they say the course is full as they have filled all their interview slots and will definitly fill the course from the interviews. Hope that makes sense?
  5. This happened to me last year as I applied to Dundee with Edinburgh as my 2nd choice. I got an interview at Dundee but was unsuccessful and even though Edinburgh were still at the interview process my application did not get sent because on track it stated the course was full.
  6. I have an interview on the 24th also so I am presuming these are the final interviews but you never know places can always come available later on in the year!
    Hopefully we wont have to wait too long for the results as I am sure that the wait to hear back is terrible!
    Did anyone hear anything about how many places have been allocated?
  7. Hi, I'm not sure about primary but secondary subject interviews are happening until April.
  8. I emailed last week as I was checking track all the time, I had my interview on the 6th Jan. I got a reply back saying it would prob be the last week in Feb before I hear back.
  9. Ah, that does make sense! :)
  10. Hi all,
    Just wondering does anyone have their interview for Glasgow PGDE pimary next thurs? how are you all feeling about it?
  11. Hi
    I have my interview next Thursday at Glasgow Uni. I am so so nervous about it [​IMG] How about you abcdefg1234?
  12. hi ireill13,
    Im so nervous too. Been looking at the cfe but not to sure about other issues in Scotland education system.
    How are u getting on with preparation for the 5min lesson? Im dreading doing it![​IMG]
    Have you anything prepared for the written evaluation? Reading the other posts from people who have already done the interview, lots of people have things prepared regarding the evaluation! I dont know where to start!!!!!
  13. HI Ireill13<
    Im so nervous about the interview also. So nervous about doing the 5min lesson!
    How are you getting on with your 5 min lesson?
    Ive seen in previous posts that alot of people have stuff prepared for the written evaluation, i dont know where to start!
  14. Hey Ireill13 and abcdefg1234 I've got my interview on 24th also so nervous! What time slot do you have? Can't decide if the previous posts are making me feel more relaxed or more nervous!
  15. Hi
    My interview is at 1PM.
    Getting on ok with my 5 min lesson (the planning part), its the presenting it that has me really worried. I get so nervous doing presentations. I think for the evaluation part I will put down some notes on things that I want to mention, that I may forget when I'm in there.
    The posts are definetley making me more nervous, Im also getting stressed as I have a UWS interview a few days later, with another presentation to prepare.
    At least this time next week it will be over, but then I suppose we will be waiting to hear if we were successful or not.

  16. Hi Ireill,

    I know it's easier said than done, but don't stress out too much! I had my interview at the beginning of January and I was absolutely petrified.....I think it was more down to the whole "not knowing what to expect" thing. But in all honesty, it was fine! Your group will only be around 5 or 6 people which makes it a bit less pressure. The 5 minutes flies by! I barely remember doing my presentation now :) Our interviewer was Julie and she was lovely - the most mellow person i've ever met! But i've heard that all of the interviewers were amazing. Your interview will probably be just like a wee chat on why you want to teach etc (if it's anything like mine was!)
    The written bitty is incredibly easy - there's not an allotted time for it.....although it says you only have 30 mins - you can take 3 hours if you want to as nobody checks on you whilst doing it - you just work on it as and when you can (i.e. after your presentations, while waiting for your interview, after your interview if need be). I genuinely think it's just to make sure you have a coherent grasp of English and to make sure you're not completely delusional as to how your presentation went!
    It was the 5 minute lesson that I was dreading the most, and it turned out fine! And in the end, I got accepted a couple of weeks after my interview.

    I'm sending you good luck vibes! Hope to see you in August! :)

  17. Hi all,
    My interview is at 9am.
    I have most of my preparation done for 5 minute lesson just nervous about doing it but i suppose its only 5minutes so we just have to get up and do it and give it our best shot! (easier said than done though!)
    The previous posts are making me nervous as I feel I will forget to do something or that Im not properly prepared!
    I wonder are there many others going for the interview on Thursday and is this the final date for interviews? Did anyone hear how many places have benn allocated foe the course this year?

  18. Hi to everyone who is going on Thurs!
    My interview is at 1pm. I am starting to feel sick when I think about it, but from reading all the comments everyone seems to be the same!
    When we are put into our groups I suppose the best thing we can do is support each other and hopefully the 5 mins will fly by.
    I have been praciticing my lesson with my kids, but they are getting slightly fed up with it now! I have written my evaluation up to the point I have to comment on how the lesson went.
    I am panicking about what questions I may be asked in the interview, because if its about C of E and AiFl, im stuffed. I only know the basics of these and wouldn't be able to give lenghtly explainations.
    Anway, good luck to everyone, this time next week it will be all over!
  19. Good Luck everyone,
    I had my interview in Jan. It is really relaxed. There were 5 of us in my group. The Assessor took us off to a classroom and had a chat about what was going to happen. We were all really nervous and very worried about going over our time. The Assessor said that she would let us know when we had a minute left, but that she wasn't too worried if we went over our slot . Someone volunteered to go first , and then we were all keen to go next. We all agreed to be "model students" for each other. It was fine, really it was!
    The individual interview was more of an informal chat, the assessor had a list of six questions. No one I spoke to was asked about Curric for Exec, or current news. It was all about what you could bring to teaching, how you worked in a team, how your past experience would prepare you for the classroom. It was actually really enjoyable. I would say have a question ready for the end.
    The written evaluation that I did just set out the aims of my lesson, how I set about achieving them, what happened in the lesson, what I would change and what I learned from it.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone in August!
  20. I've been wondering if I should ask a question at the end or not. I'm unsure what to ask, because everything I think of just sounds like I'm trying to ask any old question.

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