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Are there any teaching jobs for OTT's

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by cheryltorne, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I am an OTT from India started supply 2011 .....@ present working for agencies. I am looking for a long term position. I have been for 3 interviews so far , gave excellent lessons. These jobs are all through agencies. Still no luck. Is there anyone in the same situation. Are schools not employing OTT's?????
  2. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    I do think it's more difficult for us than locally trained teachers, but schools do recruit - my last school had South Africans and Australians on permanent employment.

  3. Yes, at the primary school I am at there is a New Zealander (deputy head) and an Australian teacher, both on permanent contracts. I'm an Aussie and I just got a fixed term contract starting Sept. So it is possible! Good luck!
  4. would u mind telling where your school is? We are in the home counties and its not been good.
  5. so not london then? there goes my theory-Cant seem to work this out?? where u on supply 1st- or did u do an application to get the position(tes etc)? or where you recommended?
  6. Nope, not London. The Aussie OTT started as a supply teacher then moved upto a contract, the NZ OTT applied for the job while he was doing longterm supply in London. I was doing supply based at another local school when I applied for this position. I applied for the position like normal. I do know that the headteacher of the school where I was doing lots of supply did highly recommend me, which was nice.
  7. Right,interesting- So I am starting to work this out-So its a matter of trust-the schools are worried about the unknown OTT so will choose the safer option (british trained) so I will have to go down the supply route ( or get recommened-which is a trust issue once again) and get the confidence of the school (where ever that is)-no more direct applications without them or me knowing the school-

  8. Sorry to put another spanner in your thinking works, but I got a permanent job in the South East (not London) on the basis of a direct application to an advertised position - I had no previous contact with the school and it was 300 miles from where I was currently living (but was moving in any case). After a year I was promoted to Head of Department (without interview). I just resigned to start a new job overseas in the Middle East. (Secondary: Australian trained - Qld)
  9. Interesting... How did you get the job without QTS??

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