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Are there any teachers happy in their jobs on here?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by br0wnsugar, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. wroberts3

    wroberts3 New commenter

    Where are you now? Do you remember working conditions being poor when you left 10 years ago, or do you think your situation compares favourably because you've kept up with recent developments? Just curious (and open-minded about my own future...).
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Oh no, it was bad when i left. It seems to have gotten a lot worse though, i still have lots of friends that are stuck teaching in the UK. Im so glad i left, and im NEVER going back.
  3. wells8839

    wells8839 New commenter


    I'm REALLY struggling to teach OCR A2 Islam paper - are you planning on creating any teaching resources? Fingers crossed!

  4. OneLooseCrank

    OneLooseCrank Occasional commenter

    Yes and no... My pay packet used to cover my family's outgoings each month but I've noticed that for the last six, I've gone into the red. All my work is in .ppts, saved, and edited in lesson where any task is a little vague. These are saved and simply re-opened the next year so I DON'T PLAN on any evening at home. I just do a little marking. When I have a lot of marking, I set independent class tasks and mark to take as little home as possible.
    Even on a full timetable (as I am), you can prioritise home life. But the next few years of expected pay freeze mean I can't really continue like this.
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  5. rolysol

    rolysol New commenter

    Yes :) it's a tough job and people's distorted perception of it winds me up
    (probably way more than it should) but I love my pupils and my subject. I really can't imagine doing anything else x
  6. gsglover

    gsglover Occasional commenter

    Part time teaching of years 12 and 13 has made me happier!!
  7. callmeneb

    callmeneb New commenter

    I love my job. Yes I take it home with me, yes it sometimes consumes my thoughts, yes my partner gives up communicating with me during the winter months, yes it can be stressful (parents), frustrating (boring pd days), aggravating when you just want to teach but the paper work piles up, underappreciated (particularly when another curriculum change or marking policy comes in), and yes to all the other countless issues that can make some teachers spiral into depression when there is no support to help them. BUT... I love learning knew things, it is a job that is never the same from one day to the next, the students can be awesome and terrifyingly quirky, the camaraderie between staff can be amazing, and what I do in the classroom or on my computer has an effect on a persons whole life. I love my job!
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  8. tastytortilla

    tastytortilla New commenter

    Saw this title and had to comment. I'm not an experienced teacher, just in my second year, but I love going to work every day, so much so it doesn't feel like a job! Some days are excellent, some not so much based on events which happen. But I couldn't see myself doing anything else :)
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  9. mrs_hughesh

    mrs_hughesh New commenter

    Hello! Extremely happy in my job, I absolutely love what I do. This is only after temporarily leaving teaching & starting my own business (which I'm still running!) and then being head hunted and offered my dream job. It's extraordinarily hard work and I am often exhausted come the holidays, however I know that I am truly appreciated by the pupils, staff and parents. The school's ethos, the wonderful pupils and Head Teacher/SLT are big factors behind why I love my job.
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  10. gdoolan84

    gdoolan84 New commenter

  11. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

  12. Mrs Brewer

    Mrs Brewer New commenter

  13. secretteacher2357

    secretteacher2357 Occasional commenter

    This time last year I was as miserable ad sin working in a MAT school. I left and am now working in a smaller school who are endlessly appreciative of my hard work and skills.
    I work long hours and by the end of Friday I'm exhausted but going to work on Monday is a good feeling now.
    vinnie24 likes this.
  14. Steph2002

    Steph2002 New commenter

    Enjoyed it when was respected as teacher and not micro managed. Those days long long gone,
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  15. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    Well, fellow teachers, I have been away from this thread for nearly 2 years. A lot has happened; losing both parents through illness and a personal health diagnosis requiring minor operation and yearly check ups but decided to revisit this thread and have gained some super insights into the challenging world of teaching in UK and that many teachers still enjoy their roles.

    In 2015, I was at the point of moving schools when many changes took place and found my school to be so supportive and gave me the time off that I needed to deal with bereavements, grief leading to re-evaluating the importance of teaching full time etc. I am still teaching full time but now considering whether reducing my hours is the best thing to do? I don't know if I am feeling the 'autumn blues' of the longest term in a school year or I really need to reduce hours, overall and aim for a better 'quality of life'. I have felt too many mornings where I wish that I did not have to go into school, yet when I am in school, the students help me to help them learn and achieve to their highest ability; I have to admit, IT'S A GREAT FEELING and therefore, I am reminded why I became a teacher and continue to teach.

    I have had one superb HOD in the past 2 years, who has now moved on to a senior management position; in fact I mentored him!! Now we have a super organised HOD and the KS3 curriculum was changed in favour of the curriculum at his previous school and so lots of worksheets are stuck in books, glue fest mania and pupils being cajoled into a learning experience that would best suit a school of mainly middle class pupils (based on my experience of working in such schools) and knowing; prev HOD experience and independent school teach first 2nd in charge experience, that being a teacher is reduced to a highly prescriptive form of teaching because the department, not to mention, the whole school, is mostly 'trainee and NQT' teachers, experienced teachers moved on (and some decided/-ing to leave), that the ethos and INSET's are based around the majority 'new to teaching' brigade. The more experienced teacher is often side-lined and overlooked, especially if they are not wanting heaps of responsibility!!

    I am at the stage that after the autumn term, I'll feel better/motivated/encouraged to continue full time or reduce the hours that I work to 3 days per week, risking cover,but will give me time to pursue other interests and still keep abreast with teaching? Can anyone give any advice??
  16. atang

    atang New commenter

    I'm relatively happy. I am a 0.6 and I watch my colleagues who work there FT and see how stressed they are due to behaviour issues in the school.
    There are disadvantages to this. I work with a great team but I realise I have not 'bonded' with them well enough as I am only PT.
    The only thing I am unsure about is as a 0.6 what is deemed by '..working beyond what is expected of you..'?
  17. atang

    atang New commenter

    I also went through a similar experience in terms of health and losing a parent. I understand fully how it knocks you of your perch and you truly start reevaluating what is important in life.
  18. elder_cat

    elder_cat Established commenter

    Thread started over 2 years ago.
    Been viewed 40,886 times.
    137 people bothered to reply.
    Does that not say it all?
  19. samoneypenny1

    samoneypenny1 New commenter

    We had a change in head and now we’re all UNHAPPY!

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