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Are there any teachers happy in their jobs on here?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by br0wnsugar, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. hannahbanana13

    hannahbanana13 New commenter

    Yes I enjoy my job! Have worked five years in an independent girls school teaching all through the 11--18 age range and have really been able to 'teach' - no classroom control issues which is NOT why I got into the profession! I guess I am 'lucky' with this but then I chose an independent school for that very reason. It meant I had to work a considerably long distance away from my home but for me this was worth it. I have just left to go and teach abroad from this September - looking for a new experience and challenge. Am sure it will be different, and very interesting! I am so pleased I became a teacher fiive years ago after a career change - yes I have highly stressful days and the workload is unbelievable, but it is so rewarding. And once again, every day, I am a student too. Forgot how much I love learning.
    Best wishes everyone!
  2. TheArtyTeacher

    TheArtyTeacher New commenter

    I love teaching. No job is perfect all the time but I still feel it's a privileged to teach children. I do think what school you teach in makes a huge difference.
  3. g2016

    g2016 New commenter

    I was happy. Then I moved to the UK and had my confidence bashed. Now I hate my job and cannot wait to leave.
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  4. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    A good day in teaching is an amazing feeling.

    I love teaching for these reasons:
    1) Children's laughter is infectious and I love it when I can't help but laugh with my class.
    2) There is always that one child in the class who will make you smile. For me it is usually the cheeky chappy, the child who has over gelled their hair or the girl who rolls her eyes at the immature boys in the class.
    3) The lessons where children have a complete sense of awe and amazement. Gasps and excitement from the children make you feel like you have truly engaged them.
    4) Watching the school production after weeks of blood, sweat and tears. The year 6 production, if done well, is a true wow moment.
    5) School trips.
    6) A residential trip - makes the year when you have a great bunch of kids.
    7) Supporting children at sporting events. You end up screaming from the side lines.
    8) Counting down to the end of the year because you can't wait for the summer holidays. Then on day one of the holidays, feel a small element of sadness because on reflection you quite liked your class.
    9) Sometimes I sit at my desk and look out of the window at the playground. Happy children just make me feel happy.
    10) You know that some children get a raw deal at home and you can go the extra mile for them at school to help them out in life.

    I know I work too much but I just love working in a school. The good times far outweigh all the negativity in today's schools.
  5. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    It depends entirely where and who you are teaching. If I am teaching a group of people who want to learn be it adults or children, then there is no other job like it for fulfilment. I enjoy teaching and learning so much under the right conditions. Under the wrong conditions it can be very difficult indeed.
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  6. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    Nope. Resigned this morning. Leaving at Christmas, mainly because I've had enough of feral kids, smartphones, workload and an impotent SLT. Plan to take an 8 month break then hopefully start a job in an International school abroad.
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  7. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    The term "feral kids" is objectionable, distasteful, offensive and unacceptable terminology for a teacher to use about children. I think your action of resigning speaks for itself.
  8. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Sorry, would do a sympathy thing but like is the nearest
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  9. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    unless of course you live and work among those young people and see them roaming the streets with absolutely no adult supervision until all hour of the night. Or have the misfortune to teach as a supply teacher who has the opportunity to observe behaviour where children are allowed to run up and down corridors usupervised iduring tutor time et al?
    According to the Oxford English Dictionary: (Of a young person) behaving in a wildly undisciplined and antisocial way
    What exactly is objectionable in that definition?
  10. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    most importantly the impact of the management team. Hands on and supportive, or micro managerial style with endless criticism of every single teacher who actually dares to teach in a classroom
  11. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    The N word comes from the Latin for black, and both you and I know that feral was being used in a similar way in this case.
  12. Urbanfaerie

    Urbanfaerie Occasional commenter

    Yes. I love my students and although there are things that are stressful about my job, there would be about any job.
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  13. MissBee741

    MissBee741 New commenter

    I left - hated it.
  14. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Besides the general good feeling of helping children to enter the world of adults there were many personal highs during my teaching career.

    I organised a number of visits to Sellafield for my A level physics class where we were allowed right into the heart of the plant. Whether or not you think nuclear energy is a sensible thing (and I don't) you have to be impressed by all that you see in such plants. We listened to the safety "ping" ringing through out the buildings like a 1950's sci-fi movie, looked into the deep water temporary storage tanks and saw the glowing radioactive waste sitting there, walked on top of one of the Calder Hall reactors, and more, all with a running commentary from a guide (who happened to be a teacher who had gotten out!).

    I have been on a number of visits to cutting edge technology companies and university without my classes to learn about new technologies. I went on a weekend course in the material sciences dept. of Birmingham University where amongst other exciting things I got to use an atomic microscope and actually "looked" at atoms! I went to the Gaydon Jaguar car manufacturing plant to learn about robotics and modern manufacturing techniques. I've attended a number of seminars given by world experts on various physics and engineering topics.

    I learnt to sail dinghies through my school, and spent many Wednesday afternoons and evenings teaching students to sail. In the summer holidays we ran courses for the kids but could also involve our own families and friends.

    I accompanied my colleague's German classes on week long trips to Germany where we were treated royally. I accompanied and helped with our ski trips which were great fun.

    I co-authored an A level physics text book which went on to reprint and a 2nd edition. This was a real high!

    And a lot of other things. These were all through teaching at a state comprehensive. Most of these activities were in my own time, but of course, as the political nature of the education system changed over the year I lost the good will I had towards my employers and I ceased to be so active in my personal time. Very sad.
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  15. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    over the years
  16. install

    install Star commenter

    Yes I am at this moment in time - but wouldn't advise anyone to go into teaching.
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  17. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    Yes, but what helps is we have a compulsory enrichment hour at the end of the day that all children take part in. So I get to do something I like at the end of everyday that no-one judges me for. It does mean time's tight but it adds a really good dimension to school and builds relationships with the children.

    Don't know if I'd advise people to go into teaching though, it's hard work!
  18. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    No, I wouldn't advise anyone to go inro teaching now.

    Sad isn't it.
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  19. Twinkle_toes

    Twinkle_toes New commenter

    I love my job!
    Having been in a job i hate, teaching is the best thing to have happened!
    Im 10 years in to my career and cant see myself changing.
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  20. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Sounds like the majority of it reflects a very satisfying career.

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