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Are there any teachers happy in their jobs on here?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by br0wnsugar, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. never_expect_anything

    never_expect_anything Occasional commenter

    Yes, it totally depends on the school, and the job role. I've worked in 8+ schools (not including supply), some for longer than others. Loved some, hated some. Some of those I didn't enjoy as much were 'good' schools. Some of those I liked most were 'special measures' when I joined them. But I left teaching in a mainstream school because, amongst other contributors to my stress levels, I felt the same about teaching & crowd control, and had no intentions of continuing teaching.

    I too work in a small school for students with SEBD. Managing children's behaviour and crowd control are two different things. Our students' behaviour is far from perfect, but helping students learn to manage their behaviour can be very rewarding. In a small setting like ours, it's not about crowd control, it's about individualised learning; you get to teach and help the students manage their behaviour. Like rustyfeathers, I enjoy my job now, and I would not want to go back to mainstream.

    That's not to say a school like this would suit all teachers, but, yes, it sounds like it's time for you to move on and find a school that suits you as a teacher. Good luck in finding one, br0wnsugar!
  2. Zulis

    Zulis New commenter

    I would be very happy if it wasn't for our admin. Otherwise I enjoy teaching, challenges and all. Except for admin issues.
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  3. headflower

    headflower New commenter

    I moved to a new school in September and it's turned my life around!

    My old school had an oppressive atmosphere, totalitarian SLT making ridiculous demands, older teachers being pressured out of their jobs for spurious reasons (they're expensive!) I am on medication for health issues that are a direct result of the stress caused by that place.

    I've moved to a school that has a genuinely supportive SLT. I'm only just starting to believe this is true; staff are happy and the staff room is full of chat and laughter. It is not an easy school - higher than national average child poverty, many EAL students, but there is a sense of community.

    Teaching is still demanding and I still work the 50 hour weeks. That needs to change for all our sakes. But at least I feel that we're all in it together and that the SLT value their teachers.
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    That's what makes all the difference.
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  5. kerensaann

    kerensaann New commenter

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  6. VeronicAmb

    VeronicAmb Occasional commenter

    I've just stepped down as HoD for English after 6 years. I did enjoy it, but I just couldn't cope with the change of KS3 curriculum as well as the KS4 and KS5 all happened at the same time. I would have definitely been more engaged if I wasn't family orientated. I think being HoD got a bit too repetitive for me as well.

    Nevertheless, I still love the dept., the school vibe and definitely looking for a different role next Sept as HoY.
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  7. fishtail

    fishtail New commenter

    Yes yes yes, lots of teachers love their jobs. But many do not post on TES. Often those who post on forums are looking for support and so may not be the most representative sample of happy teachers. Others may be too busy to answer. It doesn't mean we are all miserable!
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  8. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    I'm happy, then again I'm a Cover Supervisor, NOT A PROPER TEACHER. At least they're too polite here to not bother reminding me of that fact.
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  9. amchugh

    amchugh New commenter

    I love my job. Don't get me wrong, there are tough times. However, I find that when I rest my head on my pillow at the end of the day, I can be certain that I've contributed something valuable to the world. There are few jobs that can truly boast that.

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  10. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    I moved schools 3 years ago and am the happiest I have been in 21 years of teaching. I have an amazing head of department and work in a school that does support us.

    OK some things I hate, like faffing about with purple and green pens, but when my Dad was ill and I fell apart they were amazing. Gave me all the time I needed and when I came back ave me space to breathe.

    And best of all I'm trusted.

    It's still a tough job.
    I still work too many hours on stuff that's not important (in my opinion) and that frustrates me
    but I'm part of a great time, working with some lovely children and I love it.
  11. cellerdore

    cellerdore Occasional commenter

    I love my job. Current school can be a bit problematic but have great work life balance and the children are an absolute delight.
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  12. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    I would agree with all of that, except for one thing. By the time I retired, hands-on teaching had shrunk to much less than half the job: more like a quarter, or even less. Some days, I actually resented having to go into the lab and teach, as it got in the way of all the other bullsh1t tasks heaped upon me.
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  13. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I'm not unhappy - I work with a decent bunch of people and the kids are not too bad.

    Our problem is we have a few people in responsible positions who are out of their depth.
  14. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    aint that the truth!
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  15. chellewalker

    chellewalker New commenter

    I love teaching, and working with young people. (KS4 science teacher)
    If only that was all the job entailed.
    Would I want to do another job. Never.
    The reward of that moment when they suddenly grasp a difficult concept.
    The smile as they increase their confidence.
    The cards as yr 11 leave to say that you have have a profound effect on where they want to aim in life.
    They are what makes this job amazing
  16. lyonsd78

    lyonsd78 New commenter

    we are so lucky to be working in an industry that is still seeking plenty of employees.

    So - I hope this doesn't sound harsh - but if you are not happy in your job; move on. It's not difficult to move. Perhaps in some subjects, it may be a little tighter than in others. But if you don't like your current gig, search for a new one.

    I think some teachers make the mistake of deciding which job they take due to the fact that the school is in a nice shiny, modern building or they accept based on it the school being 'outstanding' or they like the'feel' of the students when they walked around. My genuine advice is; do NOT fall for these unimportant, trivial matters. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to analyse in a school is the people you have to work with and for. It is everything to me. If your HOD is cool, your worklife will be cool. Who you work with is everything.
  17. kajalsengupta

    kajalsengupta New commenter

    I was a teacher in real classrooms for many years. At one point of time I ceased to enjoy teaching. It seemed that more than teaching my classroom management skills were being utilized. Fortunately I switched to online tutoring. Now even if i have to teach for an hour i know it is my knowledge of the subject which matters. Yes I am enjoying online tutoring.
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  18. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    No, no and treble no. I work in a challenging academy - challenging kids and a challenging SLT. My job has three main parts:

    1) managing the lousy behaviour of many students, their feckless parents and a worse than useless SLT
    2) producing endless paperwork and other stuff like observations, performance management etc that 'proves' I am doing my job
    3) making sure that I am generating enough data that shows each child is making progress, whether they are or not.

    The incidental, accidental part of my job is teaching.
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  19. Sinnamon

    Sinnamon Established commenter

    Yep, that's how I felt. So I left teaching. Looking back I realise how ridiculous my workload was.

    Having said that, a part of me misses teaching quite badly. But I know if I go back the workload won't be any different.
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  20. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I still enjoy teaching - it is frustrating yes, but nothing else I've done gives me as much pleasure.

    I had to have a week off earlier in the year for a family emergency and was granted the time. I assumed it would be unpaid (never gave it a thought actually) but my HT paid me for the week.

    It's a shame the job is so difficult now though - the "golden age" of teaching has gone I fear.

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