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Are there any good schools in Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 4davellan, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Notice, too, that on the El Mundo site, the listings are in alphabetical order. Hmmm
  2. The problem with rating schools in alphabetical order is that most British schools begin with "The". It does make it hard to judge the good from the not so good. As for the Zaragoza British School, now that is just unfair.

    How could we achieve true rating system?
  3. Do not eliminate Gran Canaria. You described paradise and it does not exist.

    First principles: salaries are set by nationally agreed conditions of service (not very high, but advantage for the teacher). Parents' fees are low (taxi drivers and state school teachers, for example can afford fee-paying education).

    Whatever organisation you will work with will be a business balancing the salary bills with the fees received. As a horrible generalisation, from what I have heard, schools in the south of Spain suffer from expat communities and variable degrees of corruption. Madrid has a number of OK schools, but is expensive to live.

    I work on GC and the British and American schools are mostly OK, certainly no worse than the best Alicante schools, as long as you avoid "the sands".

    I have 3 kids and would not bring them up anywhere else.
  4. Eliminate Gran Canaria; there are no respectable British schools on the island, only cash-cow family owned businesses. I worked for a school (that I shall call the Chaucer-related school) there which prided itself on being "the best private school on the island." Translated, this meant: blackboards and chalk, no access to a photocopier, an irrational, impulsive and unqualified "head" (read "owner"), very poor resources, lack of extra-curricular activities and a lack of freedom of speech. Detailed posts about this school were conveniently removed from this forum, but that school has apparently been reported to NABSS for their track record with treatment of staff. The truth hurts.
  5. Those detailed posts you refer to mickeythemouse also contained a complete, detailed and accurate rebuttal of all the comments you made by a non-management teacher (myself) who had extensive experience of the "Chaucer related school". This school is fine and the comments you have made really do over amplify minor issues in an otherwise good school. Don Pepito's comments, in my opinion reflect the reality of Gran Canaria, a very good place to work.
  6. i worked at that school a few years back and my boyfriend was at the american school nearby. both were way below average compared to school we are teaching at in italy! the beach and sun were lovely but i wouldn't recommend gran canaria for teaching as it's so backwards and out of touch. hope that helps!
  7. Still looking for info on Valencia school mentoined in elmundo. Maybe jeremey paxton's favourite?? would appreciate any info especially related to finances. Thanks.
  8. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who's made the move back from Spain to the UK. I've been out here primary teaching for about 7 years and feel at a complete dead end professionally.
  9. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    I can't comment yet, but that is exactly why I am going back to the UK Blackdurgeon. The school I taught in Spain at isn't bad really but there is no real increase in salary each year and no real career progression either. Even though I will be supporting my other half for a little while, I feel like I will be better off in the UK - at least I will have a decent TLR and a foot back on the career ladder.
  10. Well good luck Malagueña...would be great to hear how it all works out.
  11. Oh no...thats not good to hear :-(....so as a single parent of a young child I would not hold out much hope of relocating to another country ? but I HATE england !!! and I want to raise my daughter in a nice sunny warm place and be able to live another culture other than "chav".. is there any hope for anyone like me? I cant even get my first job after my PGDE in the UK, and Im beginning to think that having parental responsibilities is going against me...I am rapidly losing hope

    please can someone lift my spirits...
  12. iolair, can you give me any "clues" as to which school you are at...is it in Bilbao?...Im not bothered about a massive wage packet, i just want quality of life and some warmth ( culturally aswell as temperature!) and as Im an art teacher, I can be creative with very little resources too... I trained in FE, but am interested in converting to secondary teaching...in any case I have taught pupils aged 13 - 19 , both in youth work and teaching situations, always in creative subjects - music / art etc...do your school need anyone?

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