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Are there any fans of Jethro Tull here?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon1269, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I'd heartily recommend seeing Richard Thompson. We catch him at The Sage in Gateshead every year. A real class act.
    Getting back to Jethro Tull. Isn't the sleeve of Thick as a Brick a work of art?
  2. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    I love Jethro Tull, I discovered them at the age of about 15-16 in the late 70's, Heavy Horses and Songs from the Wood are the two albums I like the best. Bought them again on cd some years ago and they are a regular on itunes. I may have to buy some other stuff too now that Spotify won't let me use it any more.
    Likewise Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention - never seen any of them live though.
  3. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    Going to see Fairport next weekend in Basingstoke - this year is their 45th!
    Never quite had the same love for Tull, although Dave Pegg is a common factor between the two bands. Might have another listen - maybe my taste might have mellowed sufficiently with age to take in stuff I once disliked as being too proggy.
  4. Yes, I love the group.
    But I am also a bit obsessed with the agriculturalist and wrote a whacking great essay for my A level way back in the Dark Ages.
  5. <font size="2">I wonder why you call the time in Brighton 'The Hungry Years', lapinrose? </font><font size="2">The other fellow who was playing the flute in the early '70s was (again, I think) Thiis Van Leer, of the Dutch band, Focus.</font><font size="2">Up in the attic, where I can no longer go, I have all my old vinyl, among which, of course, is my original copy of Thick as a Brick. The St. Cleve Chronicle is, as you say, an absolute masterpiece, especially the puzzle corner, which has, I think, Fluffy the Duck looking with slavering beak at the 'join the dots' puzzle. I can remember ordering it from Baker's Record Shop, in the Longmarket, in Canterbury, in early 1972. &pound;2:15 well spent.</font><font size="2">Thinking about it, LPs were comparatively expensive, then, given that Mr Average only took home between, say, &pound;20 and &pound;30 each week. At the time, I supplemented my SRC grant by working as a relief barman in the then Shakespeare pub, in Butchery Lane, for 40p an hour, and 45p at weekends. Teetotal bar staff had good employment prospects then.</font>
  6. thebigonion

    thebigonion New commenter

    Became a fan back when I was in sixth form - about 1991...
    Is it really true there are elephants and lions too in Piccadilly Circus?
    Got a couple of albums, but the one track that I love above all is 'Skating Away...' simply because of the way that it builds layers of complexity and instrumentation. A bit like Tom Petty' 'Wild Flowers'.
    Oh - I also love the little filler tracks on Aqualung - Ian Anderson just being whimsical...
  7. Don't forget Peter Gabriel...a lot of early Genesis albums featured Peter's flute playing.
  8. Skating Away is on the 1974 album, Warchild, Onion.
    I am afraid anything with Peter Gabriel is a rapid turn off for me, Bauble, even if did play guest drummer for Tull once, in the mid 80s.
    The late '60s and early '70s was the time of the 'Canterbury Music Scene', which gave rise to such bands as Soft Machine, Matching Mole, Spirogyra, Caravan, etc. Actually, Mike Rattlidge of Soft Machine and I went to the same local grammar school in Canterbury, the Simon Langton Boys; however, I never knew him as he was a couple of years above me.
  9. I think you may be getting mixed up with Phil Collins, albert. :&not;))
  10. Not sure if mentioned here yet (on other threads I have started)...
    but if you like the CMS, surely you are a Pentangle fan?
    Bernd Jansch was a brilliant musician and Jacqui McShee - her voice just fairly-like, magical, unique....

  11. Sorry, I cannot spell his name; it was, of course, Mike Ratledge. I have just Googled him and found that he was born five years before me, so might have left the school before I started, if he did not stay on into the sixth form. Brian Hopper of the Wilde Flowers went to the same school, too.

    Thanks for correcting me, Bauble: i do, of course, mean Phil Collins. I must admit that I never 'got into' Genesis, so I cannot remember any flute playing of theirs. Was it Genesis who did the Cosmic Lawnmower?
  12. God, it is so depressing - most of you seem to be younger than me. I had left uni by then...
  13. ???
    Are you sure?
    Not Phil Collins?
  14. yes, i did, CQ. My correction crossed yours.

    You fell old, CQ! I graduated from London in 1970!
  15. Yes...I know what I like (in your wardrobe)
  16. Did you graduate in Music, per chance?
    Do you like Pentangle?
    Do you like Peter, Paul and Mary, or Mississippi John Hurt? He was very, very bluesy, but his music influenced all those you have mentioned...
  17. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    Well shall I make some of you envious? In 1993 I spent my honeymoon touring the states with Jethro Tull for their 25th anniversary tour. My husband worked for them for over 20 years and only had about 4 days off that year.
    An American tour bus with me and a dozen guys on board was an interesting start to married life! (the bus was like a hotel on wheels) I was a class teacher then and knew nothing about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll before that tour!!
    I could dig photos out and sell them to you!
  18. ecky thump, we should meet up.
    I am related to someone from Roxy Music and I know someone from Emmerson Lake and Palmer...and a few others too.
    I have also been on tour - athough no way as exciting as yours!
  19. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    I didn't even know who Tull were until I met my OH. I was always a David Cassidy kind of girl!
  20. LOL - I married a musician.
    But hey, as a father he is ok.
    Numpty useless piece of nothing as a husband.
    But my son has inherited his talent - oh me oh my.


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