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Are there any EFL/ESL/EAL teachers around? I'm looking for advice on the IGCSE English as a Second Language....

Discussion in 'Independent' started by SWB206, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. (I wish someone would just pick one set of initials and be done with it).

    My school has traditionally only entered students for the Cambridge ESOL suite (PET, FCE) in lower school and IELTS for 6th form. This year, however, we've decided to trial CIE's IGCSE English as a Second Language. It's particularly attractive as (apparently) many universities will accept a C or above as adequate proof of English language proficiency (source: http://tiny.cc/igcseesl).

    As it's my first year with this exam and we're approaching exam time I'd love to hear from others with experience with this exam. In particular our oral coursework is fast approaching and I'm feeling a bit lost about what to do for it. If there is anyone out there who can help, or direct me to a more specialist forum I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks! SWB
  2. Hi there,
    good to hear from someone else involved with EAL at sixth form level in an independent school (one of my many roles in my very varied and interesting job!). I'm afraid I can't help with the IGCSE - our numbers of EAL students are too low to make it viable, although I've been trying to push for it - we stick to IELTS. I do know of one other local school which does the IGCSE you mention, though. They teach it as an intensive one-year course in the lower sixth, which seems a good system as it leaves the upper sixth free for A level work. However, I think I've heard that it's not as widely accepted by universities as IELTS (but could be wrong).
    I'd be really interested to hear of your experiences with the IGCSE - good luck for this year. If you want to pm me, I could give you the name of the school I know which runs it, so you can try contacting them?
  3. Hi Nijinski, thanks for your reply!

    Interesting to hear about the school doing the IGCSE in Year 12 - we use 12 for a foundation for IELTS course, I'm not sure I'd want to rush through it all in a year.

    I'm actually going to a CIE conference in London next Tuesday so I'm hoping to do a bit of networking there - I'll see what information I can glean from people there and be sure to keep you updated.
  4. Good luck at the conference - I hope you get the information you're looking for. Thanks for the offer to keep me updated - it's much appreciated
  5. Well the conference was hosted by the Chief Examiner which was obviously very enlightening. The main impression I came away with was that they are very positive markers.

    Unfortunately the main reason I wanted to go - the oral coursework component - wasn't addressed at all. Not only was I the only delegate with candidates entered for that section, we were told they are looking to phase it out ASAP as it's very unpopular. Not great news when my students are all signed up now and cannot change!
  6. How frustrating for you. But interesting about the IGCSE being unpopular. I hope you can find out the information elsewhere - do PM me if you decide you'd like the contact details of the local school that runs it.

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