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Are teachers about to become the new frontline?

Discussion in 'News' started by SteveWoodhouse, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    We need to separate the issues I feel.
    1. Does the science says safe for staff?
    2.If yes, What measures is this based on:how many children/space/ social distancing?
    3.if SD is a key factor for safety we need a maximum limit per group (Say 6-10 depending on circumstances in the school) and I can’t imagine that being 15.
    4. If children can’t SD they need to be in even smaller group
    5.Do staff, particularly vulnerable ones need to wear a medical mask? (Assuming evidence says it’s safe for them in the first place)
    We absolutely should not go for the 15: the Gov are not ‘recommending’ this as safe, they are directing it as it’s more practical in their eyes and means less staff could be needed. It’s also possibly part of the pretend it’s safe: no PPE, no SD for little ones etc, so staff will think it’s safe.
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    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    To what degree can subjects like Drama, PE , ICT and Science deliver lessons more effectively in school than they are at present ? Changing rooms. ICT suites, Drama interaction, etc ?
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  3. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    Yes, these are really good questions too.
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  4. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    Followed on by:
    How long is it realistic for children to be in school at the moment? In terms of wellbeing and learning?
    How does the day/ week structure/ and timings support staff wellbeing?
    How do we minimise planning and marking?
    Can we finish at lunchtime on Friday for prep time/ family time?
  5. ukpaul

    ukpaul Occasional commenter

    As a Drama teacher, playwriting, performance analysis, film making and so on are now my major focus, the subject emphasis is changed. The issue of performance and COVID is coming more into focus, however, and I fear it is going to be an issue for live practical teaching for some time.

    It has become clear that breathing into a person’s face and/or forcefully expelling breath is a primary way that the virus can be spread. Droplets and possibly aerosols that can hang in the air for thirty minutes or so can transmit it. Choirs have been found to do the same. So that is very, very limiting in terms of what practical Drama actually means in the age of COVID.

    Can practical Drama be done online? Well I’m at the stage where we are going to have play readings of student work and sharing films they have made and edited. Exam classes are easier given the focus on other areas anyway.

    Theatre will have to change to create safe practice, the nature of filming similarly, so naturally school Drama lessons will have to be changed in the same way. I expect that exam boards will have to relax regulations such as needing live performance and group size as a result. What that means for school plays I haven’t really thought about yet but there are possibilities out there being trialled by theatre companies.
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  6. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    You make it sound really interesting. I am not a secondary PA teacher, but primary, and have performed too, and my own child done PA A levels and degree, so without assuming I know too much what I am talking about in terms of your guys, you did inspire me. I wonder about some work on monologues. The talking head style thing? Old and new, Alan Bennett, compare to Edward II speeches, Puck. Tom Hanks in Castaway. How do they seek to both reveal an internal view as well as trying to influence or manipulate the audience? Consider dichotomy of modern life with social media; the desire to focus on the self, yet at the same time having to share it all with someone. Is social media a modern form of monologue, with the other person really only interested in giving their own monologue? Mime/ dance to represent fear/ trapped/ the full range of coronavirus emotions: can you create a sequence with someone who is several feet away and with no speaking? How would you use observation of gross and fine movement to give signals and convey an idea? How do animals do this? Cats? Sorry for rambling!
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  7. Mrsidney1

    Mrsidney1 New commenter


    They care more about footballers being checked than children.

    Sign this petition. Our schools have said no social distancing is needed and they will test only if symptoms are shown. Yet they know children are more often asymptomatic than not.

    They are trying to force a strike and turn the public off teachers again.
  8. ukpaul

    ukpaul Occasional commenter

    The Daily Mail are attempting corporate manslaughter. Not the only paper either, its time for a reckoning.
  9. hs9981

    hs9981 Lead commenter

    Teachers are on the front line. You need to think, 'what would Rambo do?'

    Build booby traps! The students can get into school if you build booby traps around the entrance to the schools!

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