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Are tattoos a problem in the Middle East?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Fifi11, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Just wondering whether anyone has any experience of this?

    Many thanks,

  2. groovybob

    groovybob New commenter

    <font size="3">Mike Tyson style you've got a problem, </font><font size="3">secret rose on your thigh, no probs in less you somehow let the head see it!!!??? [​IMG]</font><font size="3"> </font> Groovy
  3. Thanks! It's a very small treble clef on my ankle, at the back of my foot, with 2 letters from the Arabic alphabet.

    Your thoughts?
  4. groovybob

    groovybob New commenter

    if you're a music teacher what a brilliant point of conversation if it is noticed!!!
    How could any student avoid finding music fun and interesting if you love it that much!!!
    if your not a music teacher:
    science, sound tone vibrations notes.....etc
    Humanities historical composers important pieces of music......etc
    Maths Notes and patterns in music

    there is loads that it an lead to. I believe that a simple tat like that would be more of a learning opportunity talking point than a negative.

  5. afterdark

    afterdark Occasional commenter

    I know of a teacher in the middle East now with a treble clef tattoo. It is visible and is it not a problem.
    But if you had a tatto with a swear word in or blasphemous then yes it may well be a problem for you.
    What 2 letters? and does this have some significance obvious to the arabic reading population as a whole? I mean in the same way that IRA has a meaning in Ireland and the UK?

  6. So where is the line? I am strongly anti-tattoo and my tattoo wearing colleagues and friends are aware of this. Some think I am a prude - some agree, but can't afford the reverse.
    Where would the treble clef be wrong? Forehead - wrong; neck - wrong; just above the ankle - correct, evidently!
    Clef on each knuckle? Clef on each breast?
    Where would you put a crotchet?

  7. I worked in Egypt, I have a tattoo - it was never an issue. Just be prepared to cover it if needed, wearing trousers should do it just fine since it is on your ankle. Mine is on my shoulder so was not visible in school and other teachers also had them, some more visible than others. It will really depend on the school and whether a parent complains.

  8. Is it a leek?

  9. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    As with everywhere else, type and position of the tattoo is the main factor. I've seen quite a few Copts with tattoos in Egypt. I expect a rse antlers are probably to be avoided though (as they are anywhere)
  10. We had an a rse antler bearer at one point.
    Gone now but not for bearing her antlers.
    There are a couple of staff tats at our place, but they only come out on social occasions so they can show how groovy they are (man..).
    No dolphin shaggers, though..
  11. orangepatriot

    orangepatriot New commenter

    In a previous life, prior to being a teacher I was a tattoo artist. Both my husband (also a teacher) and I are heavily tattooed, yet not once has a student nor colleague in the work place seen them.
    We are moving out to the MIddle East in August too, and fully understand that we will need to cover our tattoos, but then culturally, we would be expected to dress modestly anyway, which would mean that our work is covered up.
    If students do happen to see a tattoo then it should be used as an opportunity for discussion (unless of course it is a particularly sensitive area, in which case there is a whole new discussion to be had!) but to be honest, I'd rather keep my tattoos out of the classroom to a) not cause a distraction to the lessons, and b) keep something of myself, for myself. I am also very much aware that I am no longer the youthful, lithe thing I once was and as such present myself accordingly! I can't think of anything more distastful than a plump 30 something dressing like a 20 year old clubber - tattoos or no tattoos!
  12. I've already done the imprint joke [​IMG]

  13. I like you, Robby. Are you my friend?
  14. rednelly84

    rednelly84 New commenter

    I would, as other posters have suggested, cover them up in the work place. One of my colleagues last year had a few visible tattoos - back of the neck, foot and wrist and although no parents complained, it was apparent the grade leader and head were not so happy with them. Perhaps this should be mentioned as soon as possible.
  15. This is a bit unpleasant, WT. Could you perhaps find another direction to get laughs/attention?

  16. FP, I've been called a ****** and a zoophile on this thread and I don't spit my dummy out. Me having sex with a dolphin is just as preposterous as me having sex with your mother - no offence to the way she looks, I'm sure she's a looker - it's just that.. of course I haven't slept with her! Get a thicker skin and stop whining,
  17. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    Bottom line? know where to draw the line.
  18. If making a subtle inference to sleeping with someone's mother is the bottom line for you, I'm intrigued, what (presumably wholesome) comedians do you find funny? Cannon and Ball? The Chuckle Brothers?
  19. This is not subtle.
  20. The line is, Stoppers, what you would be prepared to say in a live conversation. And not just from behind the safety of a keyboard.
    Yes, the insults and jibes go on, on here but they would work in a pub/gathering environment. I rather feel that WT's comment would draw a silence and not a fit of giggles. There is no doubt that a complaint to the mods about his comment would have WT removed. No doubt.
    However, people are what people are and WT is showing his true self and there's got to be an interest to see just where he will go with all this.
    I will try to grow thicker skin, on WT's advice, but I feel a thicker skull might be wiser when I pop to the boozer on Friday night and I jokily shout "I f**ked all yer mothers!"


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