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Are staff governors really valued?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by blackdog99, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Just because you are not part of the selection process for the new HT does not mean your opinions are not valued on other matters.
    It seems perfectly reasonable to me that staff governors are not included in this process.
  2. In my GB the staff governors are fully involved in most of the decision making. However there are some discussions and decisions where it is not appropriate for a staff governor to be involved. These usually involve staffing issues, such as staff restructuring, discussions on pay or performance management etc.

    With regards to HT recruitment, there is nothing in the regs which prevents staff governors from being on the selection panel, however I think you may find that most GB's don't include SG's. We didn't have SG's on the panel when we recruited a HT last year, as the GB had decided previously that it would not be appropriate. What does your HT Recruitment Committee terms of reference say? Ours are quite clear on the subject.

    One thing to note however is that it is not the HT's decision, as implied in your post (whether he/she thinks its appropriate or not) this decision sits with the GB.
  3. Our school is totally different. There was a staff governor on the selection/ interviewing panel for our new head, last year. The staff governor has gone through 'Safer Recruitment' training and is involved with all the interviews for teaching and support staff. Our staff governors are valued.
  4. I hope I did not give the impression that our SG's weren't valued, just because we decided not to include SG's on the HT selection panel. SG's were involved in the discussion and decision on whether or not to include them in the selection panel and they were quite firm that they should not be part of it, as this would amount to them interviewing their new boss. This decision was right for us, each school is different and what works well in one might not be right for another.

    One of the SG's who has had the safer recruitment training does sit on all interview panels for all other recruitment in school.

    Our SG's are very much valued and are very active members of our GB. I just wish our parents equaled our staff in their enthusiasm for governance
  5. When I was Chair I greatly valued the contribution made by the staff governors - in exactly the same way as I valued the contribution made by all thw active participants in governance.

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