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Are school governors influencing the introduction of environmental sustainability in schools?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by tonymillar, May 21, 2011.

  1. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    Sustainability not only provides ways to save money, but also can bring a range of learning opportunities to schools that embrace these changes. Many head teachers are not exploiting these opportunities - so could school governors be the driving force behind the change?
  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Why do you think that is,Tony?
  3. Bit of a sweeping statement without offering any evidence.
    If true, it could just be that lots of us are just a bit busy at present trying to deal with all the wonderful changes implemented by M Gove esq.
  4. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    Harsh-bur-fair, I think it is because some heads think that sustainability has a cost in both time and money or are just not interested in anything new. If approached properly it could actually save the school money and possibly also time.
    Blackdog99, It was a bit of a sweeping statement, but the evidence starts with at least 50% of local authority carbon emissions coming from schools. The Carbon Reduction Commitment will just be another task for heads, this time implemented by G Barker esq.
    Help is available - www.eco-schools.org.uk are starting an energy campaign
    www.teachshare.org.uk provides free information specifically for teachers to create learning opportunities from the subject of sustainability.
    School governors are in a great position to influence positive change, thanks both for your responses
  5. staxis

    staxis New commenter

    In actual fact, Tony, my GB is driving forward this agenda, but in terms of priorities it is way down the list because of the factors that I detailed in my previous post.
  6. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    Driving the agenda forwards should be about integration and encouraging behaviour change. A bit of thought and a small amount of time could bring big benefits. Early intervention will get you ahead of the rush for support when local authorities fall behind with their Carbon Reduction Commitment targets. School leaders should embrace opportunities to become more financially efficient and energy efficiency must present some easy gains.
    I take on board your comment about OFSTED. Maybe they need to crack the whip with integrating sustainability in schools

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