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Are results, broken down by school and subject available in the public domain?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by milliebear1, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Trying to find a school's results in writing over the last few years. Are such results available from anywhere? Ideally, I need them by gender as well! Who actually keeps these? Do schools just keep their own records in addition?
  2. BBC School league table? I'm pretty sure you can search by LA or by the actual school name and compare to ones nearby.
    Or I may have dreamed this!
  3. The League tables only give the over all English level, not broken down into reading and writing.
    Our LA used to send us a spreadsheet with very detailed breakdown of our new Y7s KS2 scores & levels, both TAs and NCTs but this year it hasn't arrived (cuts?). However, I don't know if they would have made this detailed analysis availabe to anyone who asked for it. I suspect not.
  4. Thanks for that. The figures are for my own school, and for use in a piece of Masters research. I will see if my Head will give me access to any of the details we keep.

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