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Are inset days included in pay?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Lanemole, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Our teaching assistants only go into school for inset days when requested and normally have time off in lieu or claim extra pay.
    Our new head says we are expected to attend and that we are already paid for the days. Is it the same in other schools?
    Is there a site where I can check this out?

  2. all the TA's at my school have to work 2 inset days. its written in our contracts. we are employed for 92 days but as school is open 90 we have to do the other 2 when ask by the head. i'd check your contract.
  3. It all depends on what you are contracted to work. It varies from LA to LA and from school to school.
    It sounds as though you probably aren't paid for INSET days if your previous HT paid in lieu or gave you time off, but s/he may have made a mistake and the new HT may have checked your contracts and found it...
    I would ring your wages dept and ask them. They should know exactly what you are being paid for.
  4. My TAs are paid term time plus 5 days. Should be in your contract. As maizie says ring wages
  5. Thanks for advice. Our original contracts had very few details at all, we were given new ones but there were so many discrepancies that nobody signed them. I'll phone wages department to see what they have to say.
  6. I am a teaching assistant and my contract says term time only with no mention of INSETs we used to be expected to go to 3 out of five days without any additional pay or time off. Now we are being told we must attend them all. We are also unsure of what part of the day we are paid as there is no information about this in our contracts either. Our Busar and Head are not very helpful and are in the process of cutting our contracted hours I have been told I must explain why I want a copy of my contract as they see it will add no value to the consultation and we must have permission from the head to hold any meetings. What can we do?
  7. Our school is open 190 days to children and staff do 5 additional days
  8. The head in my school usually prefers TA's not to attend inset days, as we are not paid for them and would have to have time off in lieu. There are obviously wide differences!

    Hope you are able to sort this quickly.
  9. IN my LEA/school TTO contracts do not include training days, if we have are expected to attend training days then the contract will read TTO + between 1 to 5 days, these extra days will be paid. Those on all year contracts are expected to attend training days with no extra pay.
  10. At my previous school the head wanted TAs to go in on inset days and we got paid for them. I worked 3 days and therefore got paid for 3 inset days a year. Did not go in for others and was not expected or asked to. Only just started at current school, but told by another TA that we don't go in on insets.
  11. Same here. If you work part time, then you are paid to work the same proportion of inset days. I.e. work 37hrs/ week, attend 37 hrs/ year of inset. Work 15 hours/ week, attend 15 hrs/ year inset. But some of the inset is compulsory (training etc) so it is generally worked around those days.
  12. I am a TA in a London school, we used to be paid for just 38 weeks per year and not go to inset days unless specifically required and then we got paid overtime or days off in leiu, for the last 10 years or so our then HT decided to pay us for 39 weeks so that included the 5 inset days, however, you work them pro rata, so if you are all day everyday of the week you do all 5 but if you do part hours then you work the number of days/hours as your rate of pay dictates, ie full time TA gets a fraction of 39/52 which I think is approximately 75% pay. One of our TAs doesn't work on a Friday so she only does 4 of the 5 insets. I know it's as clear as mud but that sums up the pay for TAs! We still don't know if we get any paid holidays as legally required because we don't get paid for the school holidays? Can anyone answer that one???
  13. I was wondering if I get paid for doing 5 INSET days during the school year (and it's in my contact) can the headteacher expect the TAs to come in during summer holidays to do the outstanding INSET days? This year we supposed to finish on 26th July, however we've been asked to come in on the 27th July and nobody knows the head can legally expect us to do.
    The are 5 INSET days during the year but 2 days are used for teachers' conference and we aren't expected to come in. That's why the head wants us all to come in during the summer holidays [​IMG]
  14. I am in a secondary school. As TA's we are expected to attend INSET days and the proportion of time is directly related to the pro rata status. Therefore if you work 5 days a week then you are expected to do 5 days INSET or twilight training equivilent. I work four days a week so I am expected to work 4 INSET days or twilight equivilent. This year however we were asked what we would rather do and we all voted unanimously to scrap twilight training and only do the hours as extra days. I am not expected to attend INSET days that are scheduled on a Monday (my day off) .
    That said if there is a full staff meeting after school one day then usually we would be expected to attend.
    The other thing which we have managed to slowly address is the relevancy of the training offered on INSET days. In the past it has only usually been relevent to teaching staff but now more effort is made to offer TA relevant training. This is a much more productive use of our time.
  15. Hi, our school does not expect TA's in for inset days and if it has been required we get paid overtime. We also have a TA training day once a year run by the deputy head which involves a hotel with conference facilities for the day, a meal at lunch time and paid day off timetable to attend, all funded by the school. I must be lucky then!

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