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Are AST posts being scrapped?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by HB1, May 23, 2007.

  1. HB1


    A few people on this forum have mentioned that ASTs won't exist in a few years time. I've had a look on the TDA site, the Standards site and Teachernet (and google it) and can't find any mention that they are being scrapped.

    Is it true?
  2. HB1


    A few people on this forum have mentioned that ASTs won't exist in a few years time. I've had a look on the TDA site, the Standards site and Teachernet (and google it) and can't find any mention that they are being scrapped.

    Is it true?
  3. No, they are not being scrapped! If you successfully pass the AST assessment and your LEA funds a post for you then you are fine. You will need to check that your LEA does have ASTs.
  4. HB1


    Thanks - that's good to know.

  5. WD

    WD New commenter

    Can I heavily qualify post 2 by Calypso.
    Essentially the AST post will die out in most areas, unless the LEA finds the AST indespensible and continues to part fund the post (AST LEA funding is no longer ring fenced for a start). Otherwise schools will be asked to fund the AST post entirely out of their own budget.Now would you fund an AST post with outreach, when the same teacher can be funded as an excellent teacher with no outreach-and about £10k cheaper? Bearing in mind that AST posts are linked to LEA funding and annual review. So it is really easy to de-AST someone as the funding vanishes come annual review time. My LEA is not supporting any more secondary AST assessments, but currently still funding those in post.

    So technically the post is not being abolished, but in practice it will only be continued in a few LEAs and only if the AST can be seen as cost effective (cheaper to pay than a consultant. For example I am widely used in a local school because a consultant would cost around £600-800/day, and I am considerably cheaper).
  6. all the contracts for asts in the East Riding end on March 2008. There is no guarantee of any funding for them after this, and we all return to our substantive posts in school. obviously this is very worrying, not to mention the pay cut!
    is this a national thing ir just local to us? I know technically once you are an ast you are always an ast, but this is little consolation if there are no posts available!
  7. Ok, its a few years on but Im again hearing that the AST role is being scrapped, however cant find any confirmation of that. Can anyone clarify? Would be much appreciated!
  8. On the DfE forum they said they were thinking about it and will know soon what they will do.
  9. Hi,
    I can let you know the messages that we, at the National Assessment Agency for ASTs and ETs, are giving to ASTs:
    1. The new Professional Standards for Teachers which replace QTS and Core Standards are coming into effect on 1 Sep 2012.
    2. The Review Body has recommended that the Standards for Post-Threshold, ET and AST be removed and replaced with the Master Teacher Standard. This has been approved in principle, however the government will now need to consult the Pay Review Body about the implications of this, and no dates or timescales have been agreed or released for this consultation yet. We would suggest that this consultation won't be complete until at least Sep 2012, and any recommendations and proposals coming from it won't come into effect until 2012. We have not had any confirmation from the DfE as regards timings.
    3. The Master Teacher Standard is a set of aspirational statements describing the features of an excellent teacher. It is not a set of standards to be reached, and is not recommended to be linked to pay.
    4. Although the AST standards are likely to go, the future for the role has not yet been discussed and decided. Whatever the future of the role, there will still be a need for recognised excellent practitioners supporting other teachers. The SLE designation is now also in place, created by Teaching School Alliances, but crucially this post has been designed to sit alongside ASTs - in teaching school alliances SLEs are destined to provide management and leadership peer-support and improvement, while ASTs can provide teaching and learning support and improvement.
    5. We are still assessing new ASTs in schools nationwide as their headteachers and LA Co-ordinators continue to support outstanding teachers to be recognised as reaching the highest standards, and use their skills within their own schools and networks. Many LAs have retained their funding for ASTs, and this continues until March 2013. Schools also continue to fund their own ASTs as it is still a good option for retaining great teachers in the school and providing them with career development. Some schools 'sell' or broker the services of their ASTs, rather like a consultant.
    Whatever emerges from these changes over the next few years, going through the rigorous external assessment to be recognised as an AST will still stand you in good stead. Headteachers, particularly of Teaching School Alliances, will be looking for the skills you have proven to have as an AST. And don't forget, once you're on the AST payspine, you're likely to have pay protection for 3 years.
    If you want to keep up to date with what's happening, please email ASTVoice@babcock.co.uk to join the newsletter mailing list.
    Hope that's helpful!
  10. To sum up that post, which is the same information given at the AST conference a few weeks ago.
    'We don't know what's going to happen to ASTs, sorry!'
    To be fair, ASTs should have seen this coming down the line, I myself have developed my role from working purely as a subject specialist AST to a whole school one, supporting the school development plan and getting my name written into various area of that plan for at least the next 3 years.
    The advice given above contains 'some' useful information, but is generally a load of waffle. If you are still following a rigid subject specific AST path then I would begin to look for a new role. Make yourself indespensible and value for money.

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