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Are any other teachers in Wales being told their children can't have time in class?

Discussion in 'News' started by SpaghettiBetty, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. SpaghettiBetty

    SpaghettiBetty New commenter

    I'm so thoroughly disgusted by the treatment of key worker children that I hardly know where to begin.

    My case is a bit complicated as I teach in England but work in Wales. I initially applied for childcare because my husband is pretty much out of annual leave which he's been using when I've been in work. My kids have been looking forward to school as a bright spot on the horizon at the beginning of June. I made the mistake of assuming that, like my school, KW children could be included with their peers when their classes are in. Welsh Government guidance also states that they have an entitlement to 'check in, catch up' sessions. We'd looked at all the 'new normal' introductory info, gently preparing pupils for what to expect, but were then told that they'd be separated from their peers, wouldn't have any time with a teacher and would have the opportunity to just get on with their home learning (they are years 2 and 5, and bored shitless with it).

    Then came the bombshell that the local authority were in fact going to send the key worker children to the local leisure centre with no information about who would teach them (no-one, it turns out; it's childcare only), what they'd be doing and how they'd be kept safe. I know the LA were scrabbling and scrounging devices from schools; I also know the WiFi is pathetic in the leisure centre.

    So this is to be the new normal for key worker children in Wales, apparently. Children of school staff can go to school, but in our case not be with their teachers or peers at all. The rest don't even get a familiar setting or faces.

    This flies in the face of Welsh Government's own guidance on the reopening of school. For the time being, I've rejected the childcare place and gone for 'catch up, check in' instead, but I don't have the luxury of choice from September. I real feel that teachers, healthcare workers, cleaners, shop workers - all of our children - are being excluded and discriminated against. I've got no expectation of teaching every day, but I do expect the same as everyone else's children (3 or 4 days this term and once a week in September). The justification for it is that it reduces the risk of contamination, as if our children are diseased.

    What are others' experiences in Wales? What will you do in September?

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