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AQA, WJEC and Film Studies

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by BowieWho, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I am just looking for some advise on a couple of things after starting at a new school this September.
    I have previously taught WJEC GCSE and my new school does AQA Single Award. GCSE pupils have 5 lessons across a fortnight and i have been wondering if it would be possible to squeeze in the Double Award in this time period. Does anyone know under what situations school undertake the Double Award? I think there may be a need for ability-setted groups.
    Also, i have give thought to dropping AQA for WJEC as the WJEC course seems to be a bit less intense with the coursework tasks. I feel as though there are too many restrictions with AQA with the topics/platforms across the coursework and exam. Plus the exam topic changing every year - this does have impact on what can be done in Unit 2. Does anyone else see this as an issue or has anyone changed because of this?
    Thirdly - what is the general consensus on WJEC Film Studies GCSE? What ability level of pupil is this appropriate for. With two exams, is it too full-on for lower ability pupils? Are Film pupils usually also Media?
    Any advise with any of this would be ever so gratfuly received :)
  2. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    I'm changing ours from AQA nex year - the coursework takes too long and I'm fed up of the changing topic. It costs too much to buy new resources, the upcoming topics are rubbish and for me, AQA's expectations for some of the coursework tasks seem too low.
    I thought about the double award as we have the same timetable time but some students couldn't manage the extra workload. We'd definitely have to set for that and with option blocks this really isn't an option.
    As we teach OCR for A Level I'm most likely going to go with that spec for GCSE. I like the analysis of an extract since this is more like the AS exam and the coursework /exam seems more of an even split.
    I like the idea of film studies more but know I couldn't offer both courses. Shame really - I think Film has more to offer high ability students although if you teach film or media at A level you'd need a lot of equipment to go around.

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