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AQA v's Edexcel GCSE Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by epalethorpe, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all ... Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on either of these exam boards. I am definitely moving away from OCR but cannot decide between the other two ... any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi all ... Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on either of these exam boards. I am definitely moving away from OCR but cannot decide between the other two ... any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We have decided to ditch AQA after many years and are going with edexel. Their course just seems to hang togther nbetter and they have the threee assessment points in the year not just the two!
  4. i vote fr edexcel.. they are coming to see me in two weeks time. although we are planning to stay with ocr gateway, don't think i would say the same about 21st C
  5. helsbels14

    helsbels14 New commenter

    We are going with AQA after being with Edexcel since the change in 2006. Edexcel have caused us nothing but problems so we just want the change. We also felt that AQA prepared our students better for AS and A2 sciences.
  6. Evertonian

    Evertonian New commenter

    Look at the CAU's - I felt EdExcel's were preferable and don't like the AQA format. EdExcel looks like a consistent approach to an investigation whereas AQA have different papers and additional data. We are currently AQA so a big change but having based it on the CAU mainly, as Blazer says the course at first glance looks a bit more coherent to me. At least I'm liking how it flows as I plan though it's not massively different I don't think. I also prefer the look of the EdExcel papers. They look a bit more friendly. Whilst it isn't a factor for us there are some benefits to EdExcel if you want to overlap with their BTEC entry/teaching wise early on. Whilst it's early days I do think AQA's online resources seem better though - more prep'ed stuff at this stage.
  7. We have just decided to stay with Edexcel after looking at AQA. The triple physics is more coherent, AQA seems a bit of a jumble with no real string to it. Also with Edexcel you have three modular exams per year but with AQA only 2.
  8. I too prefer Edexcel content but their admin is appalling. We have suffered thought filling in optems for predicted grades for IAAs and practical marks, oh and exams they have already sat. You will not get a straight answer from them by phone or email, I have in the past phoned three times on one day with the same enquiry and got three significantly different answers.I know mistakes happen but in the March series they managed to print questions 1 and 2 three times in the paper but nothing else. We had to get a corrected copy faxed then photocopied with 150 students sitting in silence in the hall, our exams officer aged significantly that day. I hope other people have had a better experience with them and they just dislike our school!
  9. Our school has left or is leaving AQA for both GCSE and Alevel. We have moved to edexcel Igcse and WJEC A level for biology. In the biology dept we are actually enjoying teaching some biology again. The AQA gcse is very bitty and doesn't seem to have much substance to it. We found the AQA ISAs very poor for both alevel and GCSE.
  10. Agree with much of the below. Edexcel do some great courses, especially at A level, but their admin is absolutely abysmal. Not sure they care that much either, as people have been telling them this for years! AQA have some excellent online resources though, and we have stuck with them as we have a strong group of teachers to prepare good schemes and feel we can work round the slightly less secure flow of content in the AQA syllabus.
  11. We are moving to AQA after many years with Edexcel. AQA Controlled assessments look much more straghtorward than the woolly 'assessment guidlines' we get from Edexcel. At a recent meeting the Edexcel representatives were unable to answer so many questions, endiing up being really defensive, whereas the AQA rep was direct and positive. Edexcel admin is not great - last year they kept asking three times for marks we had already submitted! The question papers for both boards are going to be more wordy. Also, you do need to be aware that there are no longer any crossover questions on Edexcel i.e. the foundation and higher tier have completely different questions, unlike at present where there are common questions for the grade C standard. It will be harder to decide which tier to enter the grade C candidates for.
    We are really looking forward to AQA and using their on-line resources.
  12. royalstu11

    royalstu11 New commenter

    We too have left Edexcel for GCSE (and also AS/A2 Biology). They have given us nothing but problems. Ask any teacher that delivers Edexcel GCSE about IAAs and you will see there eyes glaze over, hear their breathing rate increase and sense a general change in their mood (for the worse). Mention Edexcel Science units to our Exams Officer...and duck! Only mention issue reports and A2 coursework to our Head of Biology if she doesn't have a scalpel in her hand!

    We are moving to AQA and keeping our fingers crossed.

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