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AQA Unit 2 Assignment 3 and collating folders

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by kinvara, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I've just started to Mark my Assignment 3 work and am finding that when I add up their marks for RR&P, Construct and Evaluate, the overall grade for this section is much lower than my 'gut feeling' for the Assignment. Has anyone else found this???
    I think that although it is the PRACTICAL production they only get 20marks out of 45 for the Practical bit - which seems odd. I'm hoping this won't have a huge effect on their final grade for the folders which I will have to sort out very soon.
    By the way ,how are you giving your kids grades for this section? I've done a weird and wonderful excel sheet that uses the grade boundaries out of 120 and calculates what these boundaries would be out of 45 ~I know that boundaries change but need to give the kids and myself a rough idea of how they are doing.
  2. voicelikemans

    voicelikemans New commenter

    They only get 20 marks for the final product, but they also get marks for the research and planning, and that's part of the practical production process. Within this there are marks for using the right conventions and targeting the audience effectively, so it is genuinely about planning the product as a media piece, not just about ticking off planning activities with no real purpose.
    I've done a similar thing to you with the grade boundaries, knowing that they'll change, but at least it gives a rough idea at the moment.

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