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AQA Unit 1 - Preliminary Material

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Fidgetrainbowtree, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Fidgetrainbowtree

    Fidgetrainbowtree New commenter

    I think it looks good ... any thoughts on whether it will be a storyboard or a poster? (or something else - hopefully not the TV Crime Drama website curveball)
  2. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Is it on the secured part of the website?
  3. Fidgetrainbowtree

    Fidgetrainbowtree New commenter

    I'm not sure - I picked mine up this morning from the exams officer. They should have them already,.
  4. kirstyleann

    kirstyleann New commenter

    not too bad at all I think.... although think the ' strong online presence' could easily mean a webpage design?? what are other people thinking??
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  5. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    Here are our thoughts.

    Attached Files:

  6. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    Oh, and here's the website design sheet from 2013 if you want some idea of what a similar sheet might look like.

    Attached Files:

  7. aussieguy1977

    aussieguy1977 New commenter

    Great - thanks for these!
  8. kirstyleann

    kirstyleann New commenter

    Same here - I got mine from our exam office
    backtoback likes this.
  9. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Thanks it is in the secure area…

    Do we think that:

    1 - Knowledge and Understanding - Why are sci fi films continuously popular and successful?
    2 - Pitch
    3 - Website?
    4 - Marketing campaign?
  10. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    And here's an adapted version of a website design sheet.

    Attached Files:

  11. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Sounds sensible.

    Do wonder if there will be a deviation from the story-board route. Web/Poster strong contenders?
    kirstyleann likes this.
  12. clarebrunton

    clarebrunton New commenter

    Can anyone post a photocopy or link to the document? My examinations officer is off on personal leave and I'm having a meltdown.
  13. clarebrunton

    clarebrunton New commenter

    You have just saved my life!
  14. Katieeferg

    Katieeferg New commenter

    If question 2 is the pitch, does anyone think there will be another question where they explain the reasoning behind their choices? Like the crime drama exam in 2011?
  15. clarebrunton

    clarebrunton New commenter

    I wonder if the design is a website, perhaps a question asking how this website will help promote the film?
  16. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Four weeks tomorrow! Can't believe how quickly this has come!
  17. nickyt

    nickyt New commenter

    Hi. I do think that the 'strong online presence' could suggest a webpage or a social media homepage design. ( Think apps, embedded videos, updates from actors, setting images etc)
  18. Lyns

    Lyns New commenter

    Argh this is my first time going through the exam and I've not done website pages in the cswk - does anyone have any examples or will there be some on the secure area?

    Thank you!
  19. lapso77

    lapso77 New commenter

    Real film essay = yes
    Pitch = yes
    'traditional marketing' could mean trailer storyboard or film poster, but could equally be a written question about traditional marketing
    'a strong online presence ' could mean a website design or a written question about e marketing.
    Why oh why have they given us titles and synopsis again instead of letting us do all the carefully planned creative ideas we have grrrrrrrrrr when it was action adventure film, we did our own film ideas. Do they think we have no imagination??
  20. PT80

    PT80 New commenter

    What are people's opinions about changing the working title names? Some of my students are desperate to adapt them to show creativity. I have said that they could adapt it but it should still use the working title and they would have to justify any changes. Or is it just to stick with the given titles? Many Thanks, Pip Thorne

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