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AQA Technical Awards

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by chrisfenton7, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. chrisfenton7

    chrisfenton7 New commenter

    Hi all,

    Is anyone looking at doing these next year? Are you doing these as well as the new GCSE or instead of?

    Like to hear your views.

  2. KateM31

    KateM31 New commenter


    We're running AQA Tech Award materials technology and the textiles one and BTEC Tech Award in Engineering.

    We're not running the GCSE.
  3. chrisfenton7

    chrisfenton7 New commenter

    Hi KateM31

    Is there a reason why you are not going with the GCSE?

    The Tech Awards have not been accredited yet have they?!
  4. Marshall08

    Marshall08 New commenter

  5. dookiedaveuk

    dookiedaveuk New commenter

    Not yet, we eagerly await the next DFE list for accredited subjects. Last year it came out on Dec 13th if that's anything to go by...
  6. georgiahawker

    georgiahawker New commenter

    Still no official accreditation, options evening should be interesting tonight!
  7. q1022749

    q1022749 New commenter

    We are planning to deliver the AQA Technical Awards, Materials Technology, Visual Communication and Food & Catering. And no to any GCSE's.
    Fingers crossed they are accredited ............
    The offer of them went down fine at Options Evening last week. I was worried, but I think that the students are picking their subjects regardless of the qualification involved.
  8. CathyMcCreadie

    CathyMcCreadie New commenter

    I am planning to deliver the Materials Technology Technical Award. As our school starts KS4 in year 9 I already have a cohort and could get going soon. I have thought of one making task unit one so far- anyone have any ideas they can share?
  9. BorderBob

    BorderBob New commenter

    Will your schools allow you to teach them if they are not DfE accredited and therefore wont contribute to performance 8 statistics? The next point we could hear about whether they have been approved or not is May. If they have not been then and require further amends, the next wont be until September 2017.
  10. dawn43

    dawn43 New commenter

    Our headteacher is interested in not loosing that 60 40 coursework waited subjects. Our students are best suited to the Technical awards so we are offering a range. I was told that it could be as late as August as Maths and English had a late response when they were first accredited. My plan is to plan 1 term of work based on mini skills for the skill portfolio they have to do. This will also cover the theory element if we have to switch to the 9-1 GCSE. We have also let yr 8 select their options and it has help Technology and Creative subject numbers. I suppose the election could also change things.
  11. Nduty

    Nduty New commenter

    The rest of my department are going down the technical award route, although there is no Electronic Products equivalent.
    There is talk of a STEM technical award in the pipeline, but it's not ready for teaching from September 2017.

    I am going to give the Eduqas Design Technology Specification a go. I have been working hard on preparing the resources, quite a big ask due to the depth of the course, but I'm quite a perfectionist and have to have everything exactly as I want it.
  12. mj78

    mj78 New commenter

    Some not very good news on the Technical Award front...


    My dept was offering Fashion & Textiles, VisCom, Materials Tech and Food & Catering, we may have to start looking at alternatives sharpish. Does anyone know of any suitable replacements?
    alliray likes this.
  13. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    alliray likes this.
  14. alliray

    alliray New commenter

    i would be interested to know what you (or anyone else out there) are going to do, My whole summer has been spent planning for this, i was very excited about what it would mean to our students. Now i'm devastated. but what can I do.
  15. Mrgraingeristhedon

    Mrgraingeristhedon New commenter

    I found out that the Materials Technology technical award wasn't happening for 2019 (20 mins before my first Year 10 lesson - thanks DfE). I've now just discovered the AQA Project qualification - 7991 (Foundation) and 7992 (Higher). I urge you all to look at the Spec. It's like a university project but at GCSE level, and so open that it can apply to anything, including designing and making something in a workshop. I'm smiling for the first time in 2 days, this is the course for me. And, NO FINAL EXAM!!!
    veronicaflavell likes this.
  16. jarvisp

    jarvisp New commenter

    Thanks for this information. Spent most of summer working on Technical awards this looks good? Have you got any more information??
  17. tcelement

    tcelement New commenter

    Interesting stuff Mrgrainger, do the project qualifications count towards figures etc? and how are you going to approach it, design and make with portfolio? will this tick the boxes?
  18. kate_harden

    kate_harden New commenter

    from what i can find the web said this regarding higher project qualification ...

    The qualification contributes to the 14 – 16 performance measures in England but since 2014 no longer contributes to the five A* –C headline measure.
    not sure what this means .
  19. veronicaflavell

    veronicaflavell New commenter

    I was horrified to read the Tech Awards are not accredited; I also spent the summer planning the course and our year 10 started this new qualification in June..... I also attended the AQA training for this in June!
    I'm now considering a level 2 BTEC. I'm also debating continuing with the course and waiting for it to be accredited. I spoke to AQA and students will have a qualification equal to a GCSE; does it matter that their results are not included in a schools performance table?
  20. alliray

    alliray New commenter

    Frenzied searching for a qualification for a large class of year 10 boys chomping at the bit to make, make, make!!! I have been looking at ncfe creative studies - craft. They have a level 2 which is included in the performance tables, unfortunately the level 1 isn't. So although the students will get a qualification the school won't have the points. I will look at the aqua project qualification, so bitterly disappointed in Aqa.

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