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AQA Team Leaders. Experiences?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by KS23, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. KS23

    KS23 New commenter

    I've signed up to mark GCSE English Literature papers this summer and have turned down an offer to be team leader with AQA. However, I have just received another email from them stating that they are very short on Team Leaders and asking me to reconsider. I'm just wondering if there is anyone who has experience of doing this who could share what it is like to help me make a decision.
  2. eclrcoul

    eclrcoul New commenter

    Hi, I took on the role for PE last year and found it extremely useful. I now feel involved in finalising the mark scheme process and have an input in standardisation meetings to ensure I feel more comfortable with the outcomes for pupils completing the exam. There are also financial benefits linked to the role and invitations to be involved in planning and supporting the development of resources, along with opportunities to lead others through the marking process which has helped my career progression in school. I have managed to juggle the role with my own commitments as a Head of House and as a Dad of 3 young girls. The principal examiner was extremely supportive. I would highly recommend the opportunity...good luck with whatever decision you choose to make!

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