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AQA Synergy

Discussion in 'Science' started by hephelumps, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. hephelumps

    hephelumps New commenter

    We have taken on both Triple, Trilogy and Synergy at my school. For all classes we currently rotate so that students have specialist teachers. The synergy course, however is not designed for that and we have made it fit for our school, dividing it up into its Biology, Chemistry and Physics components. I am just wondering how other schools are doing it and if they have found any issues.
  2. Goodmousegerald

    Goodmousegerald New commenter

    My understanding was that Trilogy and Synergy are the same content just divided up in different ways. Therefore there is no need to teach either just whichever works best in your school.
    As you are delivering the sciences separately with Biology, Chemistry and Physics teachers then it seems practical to follow the Trilogy route and not bother having a Synergy route. I think this was designed for teaching with 2 class teachers, maybe where a Physics specialist was not available.
    I am only teaching Trilogy so please correct me if I am wrong
  3. hephelumps

    hephelumps New commenter

    Thank you for your comment. We have chosen to run Synergy in addition to Trilogy due to the way it is examined, having 4 exams rather than 6 for our weaker students. There are a few differences in the content, slightly less for Synergy, but they all do the same required practicals. I'm currently evaluating and looking at the options for next year. They might all do Trilogy or we might make changes to the way we are teaching, swapping to 2 teachers or even 1 teachers instead of 3.
  4. TRJ

    TRJ New commenter

    When I spoke to AQA they said synergy would make no difference to weaker ability students.

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