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AQA Submissions and the 40% rule

Discussion in 'English' started by EmmaBB, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    Submit CA at the end if you want to do early entry & resit. I don't understand why but that's what we're doing& have been told we're right! I never understand it...
  2. RichardWarren

    RichardWarren New commenter

    I think the basic gist is that students can submit any amount of assessed work in the terminal year (Year 11, generally), but a minimum of 40% is required.
    We're putting our kids in for the January exam and submitting the CA in June (when there will be resits available for those who flunk January) so essentially we're doing 100% in Year 11, since the S&L 20% will go in at the same time as the CA.
  3. juxta

    juxta New commenter

    Thanks for the advice folks. So it would seem that submitting Controlled Assessments in June of Yr11 is the best option if students are sitting the exam in January and again in June.
    However, what are the implications of submitting Controlled Assessments earlier, in, for example, January?
  4. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    Some people want to do this to see whereabouts their students are half way through the course. If you plan for students to retake Unit 1 in June, this unit 1 then becomes the terminal 40% as your other potential 40% - CA - has already been submitted. This could be problematic if the student were to get a lower mark for Unit 1 in June than they did in January, as the June mark would have to stand.
    If you simply wanted to organise the course so that all CA was done and submitted in January, then Unit 1 was taken in June - no problem.
    Hope this is clear.

  5. The only problem with this is that if a student sits the Unit 1 exam in June and gets a worse result, then that result stands as the terminal assessment; it overrides the previous result.
    We are sitting Unit 1 in January year 10, then again in January year 11 to avoid this, and submitting all of Units 2 and 3 in June of year 11.
  6. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    You obviously didn't read all of my post because I made precisely this point earlier. My second point related to takoing Unit 1 once only in June, having submitted Unit 3 CA in January.
  7. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    One way around the 40% rule is to submit all units the first time around then, if a candidate is resitting Unit 1 exam in a future series, resubmit the controlled assessments, (could be without any changes) at the same time. I asked AQA and they said nothing to stop this happening. Controlled assessments then become the final 40% so higher of the Unit 1 exams stands.
    Just out of interest, following Gove's announcement that he is planning to abolish modular GCSEs, does that mean that the option of entering the controlled assessment / speaking and listening units at different times from the exam will no longer be available anyway?
    Assuming that Units 1-3 are each considered "modules", all will have to be entered in one series.
  8. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    Yes this would work as long as the CAs were submitted in January and June of the same year. You couldn't submit CAs in January of June of Y10 then resubmit them in June of Y11 as they would be out of date.
    It also assumes your school has an unlimited exam entry budget!
  9. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    Thanks for replying Regentsreject. I take your point - it was only the first C/A which had a longer shelf-life, so those who submitted C/A AND did the exam this summer can still resubmit the C/A unchanged next January or June (2012). (Although as these are all handwritten, that plan could fall down if work sent for moderation is retained for any reason!)
    Any thoughts about my second point re: Gove's plans to end modular - do you think this will include C/As, and therefore negate the whole 40% rule thing anyway?
  10. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    I think it's a case of watch this space really. I don't honestly know whether the current GCSE specs can be changed as radically as to abolish the whole unitary nature and if they can, there must be a good period of notice. Maybe they'll just disappear and be replaced by iGCSE! The future is uncertain!

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