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AQA Spec B Unit 5

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by lesley66, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. lesley66

    lesley66 New commenter

    I teach units 3 and 5. Full course, not short. You aren't unique, just part of an elite little club!
  2. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    It sounds like a good unit (heard about it on my course today)
  3. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    It's AWESOME!! It REALLY IS! I can't imagine going back to teaching philosophy and ethics hehehe. I know that that is what RE is predominantly but I jus LOVE this spec.
  4. I agree. This is my third year of teaching this module and the kids love it. It is such an exciting course and you have so much freedom as to what you look at. It is so different to anything else and it is about things the students are interested in and can respond to. They love coming in with different examples to tell me about and to use in the exam. Two lads even went to Barcelona especially in the holiday before the exam because they had been so inspired when looking at Sagrada Familia, they wanted to see it for themselves. I strongly recommend this course, it really is fantastic :)

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