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AQA Spanish GCSE

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by lizzie3886, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I am extremely disappointed with the marking of both the writing and speaking CA this year. We have requested re-moderation of the speaking and have sent in for many re-marks on the writing. Last year all my CA's both Speaking and Writing were exactly where I expected them to be, but this year the majority of our cohort have been downgraded by at least one grade and in some cases 2. How can we be spot on one year and way out the next?

    What are everybody else's experience of AQA and their marking of the CA's? It seems to me that they are forever moving the goalposts. I question some of the exemplar CA's used by the AQA website, pieces they deemed to be an A would have been a B or even a C if they had been marked by my examiner this year.

    I would love to hear of any similar stories out there.
  2. mrstique

    mrstique New commenter

    In my opinion it's the same with CA every year regardless of the exam board and actual language examined. Until Ofqual get their act together and ensure that external marking and moderation MATCH with teacher assessment by way of a no nonsense mark scheme / marking criteria then nothing will ever change. Really sad and so unfair to both pupils and the teachers that care about them obtaining a fair and just grade that is in sync with their ability and potential.

    Have met and talked to so many language teachers who feel this.
  3. cake4tea

    cake4tea New commenter

    We've had a similar problem - bang on for French and German for the past few years, but big shifts, both up and down, in Spanish. And they were marked in school by a teacher who moderates speaking for another board!!

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