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AQA Spanish GCSE controlled tasks

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by violet64, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. violet64

    violet64 New commenter

    As the first group of students have sat the new spec GCSE I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have a Y10 group studying Spanish from scratch. They are a really mixed bunch from the not so bright but keen to the bright and keen to those who thought we would be playing games every lesson and are now rather disappointed. I have no new materials but am relying on one copy of Listos 1 and some old copies of Listos 4. I need to choose my speaking and writing tasks very carefully. In french there was one about family, hobbies and general free time but I cannot find a similar suggested one in Spanish. Am I correct in my understanding that I can submit one to the board for approval and could, if needs be, use that french one for my spanish students?
    Alternatively does anyone have a task that has been successful for a similar class? A lot of them will find it difficult to imagine being someone else as in a couple of the suggested ones...
    I'd appreciate any ideas,
  2. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

  3. violet64

    violet64 New commenter

    Thanks for your advice. Will look there

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