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AQA Shakespeare and Literary Heritage Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by Elphaba, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Elphaba

    Elphaba New commenter

    We recently did Macbeth and The Laboratory comparing the choices the characters make in the texts. We did it as two essays, the first on Macbeth focusing on the the choices the characters make and how this impacts on their future. The second essay compared the choices the female persona makes in The Laboratory with the characters in Macbeth (mainly Lady Macbeth). They coed really well with it and produced some fantastic work.
  2. sweetie1

    sweetie1 New commenter

    We used these two texts too. However, our AQA advisor stated that The Laboratory does not constitute a stand alone text. We therefore used it as one of fifteen poems from the ELH, as per the spec. It worries me that you've been allowed to focus your students in this way, but our lot had to choose three or four poems from a selection. Not having a go at you at all, but I think, nationally, this year's cohort are potentially suffering or benefitting from a lot of mixed messages from the board.
  3. Have you seen the great new guides on English Edu?


    The one for Hamlet is AMAZING!

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