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AQA product design - Scheme of work

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by gozzer1, May 8, 2011.

  1. I am offering the AQA Product Design GCSE next year, and I was wondering if there is anybody who has been running it for a few years who could offer tips, advice etc on getting good results.
    I would also appreciate it if anybody has got a scheme of work they would like to share with me so that I can write my own from it
  2. re

    re New commenter

    Go to one the AQA meetings run by Brian Russell. They give you a DVD packed with info, worksheets, SoW etc. Well worth the course fee on its own!

  3. could I also jump on the band wagon;



  4. could i have a copy aswell please sorry to jump on late!
  5. The DVD referrred to has all of the resources I believe you need to tun this course all catalogued as hyperlinks from the scheme of work. These are constantly updated and are available from me whenever I run a course for AQA, DATA or others. This represents thousands of hours of work so is not given away other than to those who attend courses. AQA are not planning on offering any Product Design courses until the autumn but I have been asked to run them for a number of other organisations and you should contact them directly to check costs and availability:
    Paul Spencer at Edge Hill University 8th July Paul.Spencer@edgehill.ac.uk
    Cliff Seggie at Penketh High School Warrington 15th July CSeggie@penketh.warrington.sch.uk
    Phil Morris 18th July at Chafford Hundred Campus in Essex pmorris@chaffordhundredcampus.thurrock.sch.uk
    I am mobile and can run the course anywhere if you want to host one yourself. Dixons make a standard charge and hosts sell this on to cover their costs and make a profit. I have some dates available before the summer holidays. If you are interested contact brian@dixonsca.com

  6. sugaflowa

    sugaflowa New commenter

    could i have it too
  7. Contact brian@dixonsca.com. We offer lots of training, consultancy and support across the country including workshops for students. You may also be interested in hosting a workshop which usually means the host school covers their costs and makes a profit. We can respond to evenings, weekends and holdays if required. You will be provided with the latest version of a DVD of resources which includes presentations, worksheets, games and quizzes etc geared specifically towards achieving good results on this course.
  8. Hi,

    Could I also pester you for the details of the course!
    Many thanks!

  9. chrisfenton7

    chrisfenton7 New commenter

  10. Running CPD courses on this topic for ICSAT www.icasat.co.uk check out website for details. Will get the latest version of the DVD of resources.


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