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aqa product design-help?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by gemmapostings, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I attended the teachers meeting in the autumn and the Principal Moderator made it very clear that moderators should not provide feedback for several reasons.
    1, they do not know what happens to their marks so they are not aware of any adjustments and what they might be.
    2, AQA have Controlled Assessment Advisers who are authorised to give advice on project work and we should use them.
    I have been doing PD for some time and have never come across this issue. I would suggest that you contact the principal moderator, brian@dixonsca.com to ask for help and advice. His school is well worth a visit if you are somewhere close to Bradford. I would also contact the D&T office at AQA and make a formal complaint as this should not have happened. AQA do run some great courses and I understand that they can send out someone to assist individual schools (I think they might charge for this) so don’t worry in isolation, speak to the experts. If your marks are changed and it does impact on the final grades you can appeal and have a second opinion. I hope it is not as bad as you imagined.
  2. i was really happy with what they achieved and produced but now am doubtful of what they want.what kind of projects are others producing and to what standard? my projects look like pupils have made them,they do not look like shop bought standard,which the moderator said. for example one pupil had used a screw,moderator said they would have expected the pupil to have made the screw!!!!!!!!! they said they had seen these somewhere,again they refered back to the aqa examplar folder where the pupil made the rod and finials! the average target for my pupils is a 'f' so my pupils would never be able to produce something so perfect!
    i thought the moderator was being nice and i was greatful of the feedback,im just lost now as i feel i dont have a real understanding of what is expected,especially when i based all my projects and coursework folders on aqa examplar folders!!
  3. Are you sure you are doing the best course for F grade kids? Have you looked at AQA's short course? A 20 hour project, 1 hour exam. Half a GCSE at C grade is got to be better that full GCSE at F? Not convinced that a change to RMT will make any difference. Look at the exemplar materials, RMT products are commercially viable and look shop bought at the top end as do all of the examples in all the specs. If G grades were generally thought of as a pile of wood then F grade isn't a great deal better. Maybe it is the way it is structured that is the issue. Have you seen some of the very formulaic PD work which under the old spec would have got these kids into the C grade area? If the example you refer to is the same one I have looked at it was clearly pointed out that it was a completely OTT example but had good elements such as using photos to explain the development through making. Don't kid yourself that is the standard, it's A Level standard!
    Did you attend the autmn teachers meeting? Look at the bird box example. That is more in line with good achievement for F grade kids. Do the training workshops....it might change you views.
  4. i am going to look into the cpd courses and have a look at the bird box project.where will i get the bird box project? i have spoken to our exam officer and he is contacting aqa as we havent had any info regarding cpd or c/a advisors!!!
    although pupils have data that says they should get a f the data is then manipulated until it states they should get a c!!!!!!! mad but true!
    there is no way i would be allowed to do the short course,i have pupils who cannot write their name and they are entered for gcse,these have a target grade of f!!!!! not much pessue there then!!
    do you know the c grade project in the examplar folder? i cant think of which one it was.
    thanks for your help.
  5. If you can get to Bradford anytime over the holidays I will do my best to sort you out and make sure that you are on the right road with this spec. Have access 24/7 to a school with 160 candidates doing this spec every year across all material routes except ceramics. Lots I can show you. Unfortunately the free autumn teachers meetings are not until Nov/Dec so a bit late if you do need to change direction. Contact me and we will start a dialogue brian@dixonca.com You have missed the numerous AQA CPD workshops related to this spec for this year and I am unsure of any being planned before next spring. Best to contact the AQA Harrogate office and check for sure if you want to go down that route.
    There is no such thing as a C grade project at this moment in time as marks have not yet been turned into grades. Use your professional judgement, a C last year is going to be similar this year but whether it comes out as a B a C or a D we will have to wait and see. Just because you were visited does not mean that your marks will be adjusted and as already noted above moderators are not involved in that decision so they simply do not know. I can supply you with the exemplar materials from last round of autumn meetings and all our work at Dixons are electronic submissions so easy to share

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