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AQA product design GCSE NEA themes.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dtbear, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. dtbear

    dtbear New commenter

    What do people think of the three topics for the GCSE Product design course.
    Personally I think the helping developing countries is really hard. For the students at my school
    this is something which they would not able to research efectively or have much connection with the subject.
    I know of one independent school which will do lamps as usual and buy in touch sensitive switches
    for the disable theme .Great if you have the budget.
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  2. Andrew66

    Andrew66 New commenter

    Before the change to the new 1-9 NEA, I was teaching Technology from a Graphic Products angle and I'm having problems with the rather vague NEA contexts. Does anyone out there have any ideas or examples of how they are approaching any of the three NEA's and, like most schools, I have a very limited budget. Thanks in advance.
  3. thekitschsidekick

    thekitschsidekick New commenter

    We have a graphics stream and, for the most part, they are creating awareness raising/fundraising packs in association with a given charity. 2 in the product design group are making a portable water barrel, and water filtration system. Hope that helps!
  4. JAMESJ15

    JAMESJ15 New commenter

    Healthy Lifestyles - could do a graphic product healthy bar or drink with a POS stand. Graphic product concept fitness device with Logo design
  5. Andrew66

    Andrew66 New commenter

    Thanks to the both of you. That really helps.

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