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AQA Preparation for Working Life

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by maximumimpact, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I am starting to write a new scheme of work for the AQA Preparation for Working Life and am struggling to find any resources or to be inspired to create new resources.
    Does anyone have resources for this course that they are willing to share? I would be very grateful!

  2. I am also starting a SOW and am in exactly the same position...let me know if you get anywhere?!
  3. We teach it, if you PM me your email I will send you what we have used.
  4. Hello,

    I was wondering if could be cheeky and also take a glimpse at what you do. I have been looking for resources for a couple of months now and there is nothing anywhere to get guidance from!!
  5. Hi, could I be really checky and also ask for a copy ? I deliver an Employability programme to 16-18yr olds but in September will be starting to work with Yr 11's in a PRU so something like this would be quite useful.
    Many thanks!
  6. dominiquehowson

    dominiquehowson New commenter

    I see you have some resources based around Preperation for Working Life. Can I be really cheeky also and ask if I can have a glimpse of them. Starting to teach this and have struggled to find any resources or schemes of work.

    Email address- dominiquehowson@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks

  7. Hi there I have just been given this subject to teach also in a PRU just 4 days ago. Any resources you have would be really appreciated as I can't find anything.

    Thank you [​IMG]
  8. Hi Everyone. I work in a pru and we have taught this for a number of years with excellent outcomes. the coursework is taught as part of the English curriculum and the exam section delivered by our youth work team through PSHCE and life skills.
    Try the excellence gateway web site as they have a few superb units on work skills. Email me if you would like me to send you the units.
    Good luck.
    sophiafoxuk likes this.
  9. Hi

    Could I please get a copy of the resources you have been using for preparation for working life please??


    Thanks a million

    Cathy :)
  10. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    i taught AQA business Communications GCSE, I would think some of the resources for that would be hlepful.
    I don't know the course you mention. Biz comm included health and safety at work, writing CVs and applications, using all the Office programs (or similar applications) and lots of other office based skills.
    knowing schools, there are almost certainly some old text books around if your school ever taught it.
  11. Would you able to send it to me as well please? claire.howell@css-south.co.uk
  12. Yes please! claire.howell@css-south.co.uk
  13. philo1972

    philo1972 New commenter

  14. philo1972

    philo1972 New commenter

    Please can I have a copy? philo_uk@yahoo.co.uk

    I teach it at a PRU in Bolton.

    Thanks in advance
  15. sophiafoxuk

    sophiafoxuk New commenter

    Is this still running?

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