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AQA Pre-release

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by kim_stockwell, May 8, 2018.

  1. wiredtoinspire

    wiredtoinspire New commenter

    That is what I'll be teaching. Just think the drawn element is a little vague but probably is a website. The examples for Question 1 don;t have to be from a teenage drama. How could anyone have known that? Just focus on the 3-4 tv drama you have watched regardless of demographic.
  2. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    Here are a few things that might be useful.

    Attached Files:

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  3. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    Fantastic! Thank you.
  4. bakesy

    bakesy New commenter

    Do you think there will be any question on Streaming services, we haven't really looked at things like NETFLIX etc in a lot of detail, although I am sure the kids will know about it anyway, just maybe not in much detail
  5. robertwilson5

    robertwilson5 New commenter

  6. andyharding158

    andyharding158 New commenter

    My only thought is that they don't want the usual stereotypical represtations of teenagers. So creating dramas such as skins would be a mistake. Has anyone got any ideas on character profiles that don't conform with the usual stereotypical traits of teenagers??
  7. robertwilson5

    robertwilson5 New commenter

    Young black teens who are not street-wise criminal types; blonde cheerleader-type girls who are not dumb; an intelligent jock, teens dealing with real mental health issues rather than just "Heartbreak".
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  8. Fidgetrainbowtree

    Fidgetrainbowtree New commenter

    We're not ruling out a storyboard however we are gearing our students towards webpage design for Serial Box.
  9. robertwilson5

    robertwilson5 New commenter

    Yeah, storyboards are a possibility, although they were part of last year's exam (I know that doesn't mean much). As it is the last paper, I am assuming they won't try and 're-invent the wheel' and stick to previous exam structures. Might be worth looking at previous papers with similar pre-releases and comparing (although who has time for that?!)
  10. oheretic

    oheretic New commenter

    1. case studies can be from ANY genre for ANY audience.
    2. Their Idea.
    3 or 4 - I reckon NOT a storyboard, but still getting mine to storyboard a 20 second unskippable trailer that features at the start of audience targetted videos on youtube, etc. Other than that, planning a web pages as part of the serial box main site, a website banner to put on targeted websites, a website Pop-Up and an advert for Mobile phone social media app (e.g. those swipe up to get rid ones that appear between Snapchat stories for instance).
    4 or 3 - the question is going to be about the digital marketing campaign overall.

    For anybody that wants even at this late stage I've attached my Case study (got them to do FOUR) and Own concept planning booklets I put together for my lot. certainly helped with the structure of their prep.

    use/amend/hack/ignore at your leisure.
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  11. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    Thank you so much for these resources.
  12. oheretic

    oheretic New commenter

    "Final tips for the 2018 Media Exam" sheets I threw together for my lot.

    As before, use/ignore at your leisure

    Attached Files:

  13. claireu

    claireu New commenter

    Thank you so much for these resources they are a lifesaver!
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  14. oheretic

    oheretic New commenter

    You're welcome Clair.

    Last one: "How ready are You for the Media Exam?"
    A sheet I prepare every year, amended to suit the current topic and brief.

    Best printed out as an A3 sheet they can take home/highlight/stick on the wall. Also good to bung these up around the school in the final weeks.

    Usual rider: Use/Amend/Hack/Set on fire at your leisure.

    Attached Files:

  15. Fidgetrainbowtree

    Fidgetrainbowtree New commenter

    I did this breakdown for my Year 11s - I'm not sure if it will be of any use to anyone but feel free to use it.

    Attached Files:

  16. j.squibb

    j.squibb New commenter

    Great resource, thank you!
  17. oheretic

    oheretic New commenter

    One more from me.
    Have written 'Potential' tasks based on the info in the brief. The space between each one is so they can practice planning an answer. Always tell mine to spend 2-3 minutes planning answer per task which tends to pay off (if they listen!)

    Again, use/amend/shove in a drawer/feed to the cat/etc.

    Attached Files:

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