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AQA Pre-release

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by kim_stockwell, May 8, 2018.

  1. kim_stockwell

    kim_stockwell New commenter

    Morning all,

    What does everyone think about the pre-release? I think some of mine will find it tricky.

  2. wiredtoinspire

    wiredtoinspire New commenter

    I think three of the possible questions seem clear but the drawn element is not as evident as most years, although I'm assuming a web page will be the focus.

  3. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    It seems a little tricky for the students to really get to grips with as its so broad. Though one part stands out for me, "a realistic and relevant representation of teenagers" - so I guess Marvel/DC shows are out of the window and things like Skins are in?

    What does anyone else think?
  4. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    Possible questions?

    1. Why do audiences enjoy serial drama?
    2. Design a homepage of a website to promote your new tv show
    3. How do TV companies generate interest online/market their shows digitally?

    Have I missed anything?
  5. kim_stockwell

    kim_stockwell New commenter

    Could potentially be an online trailer... for online marketing.
    I think the pitch could prove quite interesting because as you said, it is quite broad.
  6. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    Storyboard or script the trailer for the show?
  7. kim_stockwell

    kim_stockwell New commenter

    Storyboard if it is i would think
  8. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    I am really struggling with the fact that it needs to be relevant and realistic.
  9. wiredtoinspire

    wiredtoinspire New commenter

    I'd be surprised if it was a trailer - website matches the digital aspect
  10. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    What do we think about these as potential tv shows:

    Skins, The Clique, Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Ackley Bridge
  11. wiredtoinspire

    wiredtoinspire New commenter

    Representation can still be realistic even in a Sci-fi or fantasy
  12. darcie32

    darcie32 New commenter

    I think that there is a focus on Digital Marketing;
    Possible Question: Give 3 examples of how you would use Digital Marketing to promote the new TV Serial Drama?
    The_Chilts likes this.
  13. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    Yes! That has just come to me also, that makes it much easier in a way then.

    They just need to use the stereotypes of teenagers.
  14. musicaljim

    musicaljim New commenter

    I've used the first episode of 24 and Doctor Who (Ecclestone incarnation) and both have useful stuff on the representation of teenagers (Kim Bauer and her 'shenanigans' in 24 and Rose and Mickey in Doctor Who).

    A teen-focused drama is relatively straightforward, however I'm also thinking they're steering away from a storyboard this year...
    The_Chilts likes this.
  15. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    What about Stranger Things?
  16. musicaljim

    musicaljim New commenter

    I must be the only person on Earth who hasn't seen it (blame having two under-twos at home...). That being said, from what I do know it would work.

    Reading the brief, I would say that they're not hugely bothered about whether the examples watched and referred to are teenage-focused as they say that they feel it's an under-represented market anyway. Would probably be more about codes and conventions, however I'd try and have some teenage characters represented at some point.
  17. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    It really is good!

    This A-level piece of work seems to cover some key elements from the first episode:
  18. j.squibb

    j.squibb New commenter

    I'm so confused with Question 1, do they want them to use a teen drama in their answers? I've only covered Life on Mars and Downton Abbey which both do not cover teens! Do we think it could be the following questions?:-
    Q1 Successful Serial TV dramas consist of creative characters, imaginative settings and locations and entertaining narrative, how far do you agree with these elements. Use two serial TV dramas in your answer.
    Q2 Pitch your idea for a new teen drama, must include title, character profiles, narrative/storyline, engage the audience.
    Q3 Create a website to promote your serial TV drama
    Q4 Give 3 ways to promote the new serial TV drama digitally and how their will reach your target audience.
    What do you guys think?
    musicaljim, emmylou21 and The_Chilts like this.
  19. emmylou21

    emmylou21 New commenter

    I completely agree with your proposed questions for 2, 3 and 4 J.Squibb, but question 1 must have a link to audience appeal (one of the bullet points?) due to paragraphs 6 and 7. As these paragraphs talk about audiences in general, I think the question will be about any serial drama. The focus on teens will be for their own show.
    The_Chilts likes this.
  20. The_Chilts

    The_Chilts New commenter

    I agree, the first quesiton will likely about why people enjoy TV dramas, they have made that really obivous in the pre-release material.
    emmylou21 likes this.

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