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AQA p1 revision

Discussion in 'Science' started by calamityjane2, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. calamityjane2

    calamityjane2 New commenter

    That sounds tough! Its a very long time... CGP does two practice exam papers (for sale) and the AQA does one specimen paper, so thats three ready made past papers. The AQA website also has past papers going back to 2007 with mark schemes, you can make your own past papers up from the "old" GCSE topics. I would split it up into sections and for each one do a re-cap lesson, a revision poster, past paper questions and model answers. Vary the past papers by sometimes doing "open book" tests - in silence but pupils can find the answers in the textbook or revision guide, and normal exam rules tests. Sometimes talk through the papers and give model answers, sometimes give mark schemes out so they can do it themselves either marking their own or someone elses. Mark in red and let them correct in green, so they see where they went wrong and how to put it right. Do a poster race and let them teach the rest of the class in groups. I'm a firm believer that the only way to get good at exam questions is to do exam questions, but they will be coming out of their ears soon enough!
  2. Our Yr 10 finished P1 recently and sat the January paper as a mock. We are now starting P2 as our scheme of work tells us it is a fair bit bigger than P1. It took less than 50 lessson for P1, not including any coursework. P2 is planned for 60+. Doesn't seem a lot, but it is 5+ weeks difference! Of course if you are only doing core, then you don't need to think about this.
    I'm also an NQT and the revision things that come to mind are:
    Get pupils to write their own questions and then get others to answer them.
    Practice writing different "grades" of answers for extended questions.
    Get pupils to make revision tools for other pupils to use.
    Maybe do mini revision projects on different sections? Something to break it up and make it seems less like months and months of revision!
    My A level group really enjoyed spending a lesson redoing a paper they had done for a test (but not gone through yet) in groups of 2/3 competitively to see who could get closest to full marks. It made them really consider their thinking and I guess it would work with the new AQA papers as 100% would be very challenging.
    Oh, and as part of my revision with Yr 10, in groups, I got them to make a mime to model lots of different things like: Types of waves, reflection, refraction, diffraction, types of heat transfer, evporation, the Doppler Effect... at the end of each section as sort of AfL.
    I'd then pick a group to demonstrate their idea to the class and then I would get another group or able pupil to narrate and comment on what they were doing. And then we would discuss why it was a good/bad model. A lot of fun with no planning/equipment and quite useful!
    Hope some of that helps and if you come up with any great ideas or resources, please tell me!

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