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AQA or OCR - which one? Business Studies A level

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by scook101, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. scook101

    scook101 New commenter

    We are currently with OCR, but thinking of moving to AQA next year - any feedback would be very help.
    Much appreciated
  2. revisionstation

    revisionstation New commenter

    The board are very easy to deal with. The papers are clear and the case studies up-to-date and relevant. The website has lots of past papers and is easy to navigate.
    The mark schemes are easy to understand and the way the marks are given is very fair. Students can score well if they use context in their answers which is quite easy to train them to do.
    We wouldn't change, our centre has been delivering it for 10 years.
    Hope that helps.
    Perhaps I should declare at this point that I am an examiner for AQA and OCR.
  3. robsonbusiness

    robsonbusiness New commenter

    I totally agree AQA for A Level for the same reasons although I am not an examiner
  4. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    I agree with AQA for teaching, I wouldn't be an examiner again though - the way you submit the marks is stupid and a totally unnecessary waste of time but I digress....

    There is a lot of material available for AQA and the exams are quite user-friendly
  5. Hello
    I know that our centre we're happy with OCR for a level but we are changing for GCSE to AQA for the first time ever - i think! I also think it would be quite tricky to change now seeing as we've just adapted everything for the new specs.
    Good luck
  6. Edexcel's Economics & Business is far superior to either. OCR is well past its sell by date. AQA is great at AS, but then only gives more of the same at A2. Be adventurous!
  7. Do you know of schools which offer this joint course?
  8. <font size="2">Hi</font><font size="2">Durty Linen, </font> <font size="2">I would love to have a look at some of the Business & Economics past papers, however you need a password to access them via the website. If you have some recent examples, I would be very grateful if you could email me them.</font>
    theboyridge@hotmail.co.uk Many Thanks

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