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AQA November 8th 2011 GCSE English Examination

Discussion in 'English' started by sisterlou, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. I am really concerned with the obvious error on Question 1. Students have included a fourth name 'Dennis' and spent far too long on a simple question looking for a surname that does not appear. I agree that this has totally confused them and after being told that the first question is generally the one that they will manage to score full marks on, they all came out looking upset.
  2. I have been told that if they used a one word name such as Dennis they will be credited, but I asked about students who haven't done that because it is "wrong"? They didn'y have an answer.

  3. I'll be contacting AQA.I'm worried my students will have wasted too much time on question 1, searching for a full name that does not exist.I agree with the points made by you-little in the way of presentational devices and the persuade and argue and persuade question is rather out of the realm of a foundation student's experience/knowledge.Seems unfair.
  4. I wonder whether these were replacement papers? It's just that 100 year old marathon runner was quite a recent story?
    I'm furious about the mistake - it wasn't rocket science to find it!

  5. I agree. It was a recent story. I also had the same thought.


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