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Discussion in 'Business studies' started by dizzy30, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Looking for some advice.
    At the planning stages of thinking about the controlled assessment and wondered if everyone is going to use computers for the controlled assessment element, is it complusory? may struggle to have computer access at my school.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  2. Hi

    I have just finished writing a student brief, could do a swap with yours if you think it may be of use

  3. Have you been able to attend one of the AQA Business Studies courses about the Controlled Assessment and Unit 2? I was booked on it, but was unable to attend due to staff shortages because of the ash cloud and cover was a nightmare. Was any advice given? I'm looking at the controlled assessment and am just looking for a little clarification
  4. I attended a course and was advised to allow pupils to carry our research and respond to brief, check work and put in a file and keep the file for when they start the controlled hours. The task seemed quite similar to old syllabus 3132 A Enterprise option.
  5. lord sutch

    lord sutch New commenter

    I am new to AQA GCSE but the whole thing seems very similiar to the Edexcel Marketing Plan coursework..
    Students identify a possible business opportunity
    They carry out research to prove/ show there is a demand for this opportunity, finding out target customer, products and services, competitor information, pricing information and location
    Market research is analysed and then recommendations made..
    Methods of promotion identified, analysed, costed out//
    The only thing I find confusing is in the teachers notes where it states that 'the results of the market research should then be analysed and reasons given for their choice of business'..surely the reason given for their choice of business is that a need exists, otherwise they wouldnt choose it. Maybe its just stating that there is an actual demand...
  6. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    It is possible to give them the business to set up (or a choice of 5) the market research is supposed to be more based on the products they would sell etc

    It is also better to get them to create the graphs etc in one of the 7-8 hour sessions before they write it up, they can then put them all in their appendix and just refer to them in their 3 hour write up. Rather than wasting part of the 3 hours creating graphs.

    They want the students to make good use of "appendix" the graphs etc dont need to be part of the main body of the assignment.
  7. Do you think that you could let me have a copy of your student brief - have never done controlled assessment before so am struggling a bit.- thanks Lorraine
  8. Hi All

    Does anyone have a student brief for June 2012 AQA Controlled Assessment Business Studies? We are offering this subject for the first time and first sitting is next year! Would really like to see an example of a student brief if anyone is willing to share? Thanks

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