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AQA new AS: Performance questions... (esp. technology options)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Xanathar, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I am a little unclear on the technology options for the new AQA AS. On first glance, there seems little difference between the two technology options. Besides the fact that one uses at least some MIDI, what exactly is the difference?

    For the multi-track/close mic option, does the piece chosen have to be something commercially available (ie, a cover version), or does it have to be original (their own composition), or either?

    What does it mean by the "initial recording of four" parts? - Does this mean the students first record 4 tracks with no effects, then mix them so they sound good - this giving them the marks?

    Can a student use one piece for a solo (or ensemble) performance, and then record/mix that same piece for the technology option?

  2. The multrack one has to include at least one part where they are playing.
    Anything can be multitracked but examiners will appreciate having an original recording if it is a cover.
    The initial recording is before they mix it or add any effects, the reason I can only assume is to provide evidence that the candidate has recorded them himself.
    In theory yes a student could do a solo and then multitrack it. Apparently music tech options are going to different moderators.
    What is interesting is that if a pupil performs on electric guitar they can also perform on acoustic guitar as a second solo instrument! Which is what mine are doing.
  3. swotboy

    swotboy New commenter

    The examiner's report from last year says that for option 2 (Multitrack recording) "the candidate may be one of the performers, but does not have to be".
    I've got a few students who I'll be putting in for this option together with their solo acoustic performances. Either of you guys had any experience of doing this since starting this thread?


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