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AQA NEA topic releases date

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by RaleighBurner, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. RaleighBurner

    RaleighBurner New commenter


    I called AQA during the week to check that the release date for topics was the 1st June seeing as it was a Saturday. I was told it would be available 08.00 - it’s not. At least I can’t see that it is?

    We are switching from Edexcel to AQA and Edexcel have released there’s. Anyone have any information on this?
  2. Geoff-o

    Geoff-o New commenter

    hopefully its out tomorrow......
  3. Geoff-o

    Geoff-o New commenter

    ….and so it appears.....an exercise in the application of 'vague'
  4. fredbasset11

    fredbasset11 New commenter

    Hi Raleigh Burner, I have just finished teaching the new GCSE Engineering with AQA (May 2019 exam), and wonder why you are moving from Edexcel to AQA? What made you make that decision?
  5. RaleighBurner

    RaleighBurner New commenter

    I’ve been on Edexcel for years and it’s been good for me. The new spec doesn’t seem as well supported. A level text book still to be released and the GCSE text book is littered with errors. Not nearly enough resources from supporting providers. Plus most of the country seems to use aqa

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