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AQA music units 3 and 4

Discussion in 'Music' started by Xanathar, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. I've said it for years; AQA have a stupid and arbitrary mark scheme that urgently needs fixing. When the criteria for success is unclear, grades cannot be predicted and inevitably come out random.

    See here for more discussion: https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/512439.aspx?PageIndex=1

  2. Thank you for this and the link. I came online to find out more about this issue so this is very helpful, thanks.
  3. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    Ah standardisation. I only enetred 6 students last year (the rest did BTEC -never again) and was told that for Unit 3 I massively overmarked and completelly misintepreted the criteria.
    You see, in my experience, classical music is seen as more favourable because demand is measured against it for UNIT 3 and moderators seem to prefer it for Unit 4. It is an annual challenge to put a demand against a pop song and to decide when a song has the WOW factor when you have heard it 400 times!
    I agree with you though, having been on these courses, I come out none the wiser, enjoy the heated arguments and will make the same mistake the following year. It's almost like a personal vendetta against the criteria.
  4. pjames37

    pjames37 New commenter

    I'm going on one of these courses tomorrow for Unit 4. My marks were dropped downwards and more so as the marks got lower. I couldn't understand that the criteria were virtually the same for unit 2 and 4 and I agreed on the marks for Unit 2. Why is my application of marks so out for Unit 4? How can a candidate who has scored a grade B for unit 2 score a grade D for unit 4 as it involves the same skill. If a candidate is using the same skill why the difference? Of course you could suggest it could be my teaching of it. However, I don't think so. Anyone else have this problem?

  5. Assuming you mean Unit 5, I actually had the opposite problem. My candidates scored very well (A*) in their Unit 5 (Bach chorale) and those same candidates only got E's and even a U in their Unit 2 (4-Part Harmony) which was a re-sit so they did both units at the same time! I never understood it.

    If you get anything constructive from the session please share it. I would certainly appreciate a more objective criteria as to what kind of things they are looking for (and what they aren't). For example, are Consecutive 5th penalised, if so how?
  6. Xanathar, are you referring to A-level?
  7. I agree about having to try and decide whether a song has the "wow" factor when you've heard it over and over and over...!
    And you're right, I am still fairly bemused, and will probably make the same mistakes again :) However the one thing I've learned is, it's all about development. I think my GCSE classes are beginning to detest that word :)


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