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AQA Media studies - prelim material

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by big_mean_bunny, May 12, 2014.

  1. Now that the prelim material is out I wanted to start a thread, hoping people will share their thoughts and discussion about what they think will be on the exam as a result of seeing the brief?

    its my first year with the subject (my first year of teaching actually, I am currently unqualified and start a SCITT in September so has been a step learning curve!) so this process is entirely new to me.

    what do people make of the exam brief? I am hoping my class (I only have 11) will naturally move towards the Dance game as we have looked at Just Dance and Kinect Dance (for the life of me can't remember what thats officially called at the moment!)
  2. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter


    An interesting/different style of brief!

    Any ideas about the make up of the 4 questions? Obviously a fairly traditional 'Give us your pitch' Task 2 may not be there as explicitly this year. bearing in mind the depth of the brief given?

    Or might task 2 ask about the brief in greater depth? USP, how it can be made active/creative etc?

    Also do people read 'Games for the Body and Mind' as pertaining to elements of both games? ie If candidates chose 'Dancefloor' theyre would have to be a built in element of cerebral activity etc?


  3. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    My guesses:

    1. The usual knowledge of the theme question. This is where the research on two games will come in

    Possible bullet points:

    - USP

    - appealing to a range of audiences / bringing people together

    - using pre and post release strategies

    - creating a buzz leading up to release

    2. Describe your promotional campaign for the game you have chosen

    3. Why will your campaign be successful?

    4. Show us your storyboard for a prime time TV advert for your game
  4. Chikin79

    Chikin79 New commenter

    Im with Mr_X. here on this one. I would think the storyboard is a likely task as they have sort of highlighted that (a big budget , early evening etc). The last 3 years have been in the format that Mr_X has described also.

    I thought the bit about the USP was a bit odd as normally USP would be highlighted as a feature in the game and they have chosen the most un-original games so do they mean a USP within the promotion??

    Good olde AQA always throw a spanner in the the wording works! haha.
  5. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    So where/what question might we think we will be required to add a more in-depth exploration of the game?

    Also, if q3 is 'why will your game be successful', would you be looking to use examples of how other campaigns have used those same tactics etc?

    Aware of the mention of 'lots of examples' at the end of the brief. Would imagine they're looking for more examples than just those we review in q1?
  6. I would say the unique selling point is the heart activity monitor they mention (sorry not got it to hand now to look up what it says) not sure for the detective game though, I mentioned elsewhere to someone that I can't really make a link between that game and how it ties in to family gameplay. Seems an odd inclusion, couldn't really think of a game that it seems to directly be trying to emulate/be. Part LA Noire (although an 18) part old school point and click, part Professor Leighton, couldn't help but think of Skylanders a tad, although purely because I know that has dip in/dip out multiplayer so a mate of mine sometimes joins in with his son to help him on parts he is stuck on.
  7. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Would we assume then that The Detectives needs to have a 'healthy' communal aspect to it?

    Or for their mission statement does Detectives deal with mind and The dancing game deals with body?

    Or do they both need elements of the mission statement!
  8. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    Re: "So where/what question might we think we will be required to add a more in-depth exploration of the game?"

    Be careful here. The exam is about promotion and marketing and the product just happens to be video games. Any in-depth exploration of anything will be about marketing campaigns and appealing to audiences not an in-depth exploration of gameplay. These games don't actually exist in real life so kids can't be expected to speculate on features beyond those in the bullet points on the brief.

    I also don't think they'll be asked to provide examples of bringing people together / helping body and mind in task 1, or if they are this will be very unfair. Nowhere were we asked to research specific types of games and so some of our students will have CoD + Battlefield 4 as their two promotional campaigns. They surely can't be expected to drop those now and pick up Wii Sports instead.

    So, the examples from researching two games will mostly be used in task 1 although kids might refer to some of them when pitching or evaluating their promotional campaign.
  9. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Thank you X

    We're the same. Deep analysis of Angry Birds and Fifa Case studies for us, with a smattering of Halo thrown in.
  10. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Hi all

    Now we've had the brief a short while are there there any more ideas that are springing up?

    I'm very much hoping for a scenario as outlined by Mr X but are there any other ideas in the mix for possible questions?

    If we assume there will be 1) Discuss exsting campaigns 2) Pitch us your promtional campaign and 4) Production task are there any other ideas for a potential Q3 task?


  11. I got my students to come up with the questions! We all were of the same opinion and matched Mr X's.

    My kids also suggested there could be a Press Release, as we are given quite a lot of detail about the proposed games. Also q4 usually gives a choice of drawing task - so Storyboard and Press Release?

    I wondered whether there might be a question asking students to discuss the positive and negative effects of playing computer games. I think this because the focus is on positive effect. Also, I think students should be able to discuss benefits of playing these games. There is a video on youtube which goes through the top 10 health benefits of playing computer games.

    Also, possibly a uses and gratifications theory question - application of to the games - entertainment, relationships in particular as are family games. Information - learning stuff in both games.

    I struggled with the two campaigns bit - I did suggest that mine could do some research on the existing similar games campaigns - the wording is quite specific. We would like you to do some research. So if coming up with a slightly different campaign - the campaign will have a different USP to the other similar games? Hope this makes sense.
  12. I'm still a little confused... Do you mean for the two campaigns (which they will be asked about in Q1) they should research ones in the same genre as the proposed games? We've studied COD:Ghosts and Heavy Rain. Is this acceptable? I don't think I will be able to get mine to study different ones at this late stage...

    Also, is it possible they will get a choice of practical production? I'll revise the press release just in case and they're already thinking about a storyboard.

    Thanks in advance (I thought this was supposed to get clearer when they received the brief!)
  13. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter

    "Do you mean for the two campaigns (which they will be asked about in Q1) they should research ones in the same genre as the proposed games?"

    I can't see how this can be the case. The example case study given at INSET was for Star Trek.

    "Also, is it possible they will get a choice of practical production? I'll revise the press release just in case and they're already thinking about a storyboard."

    I think there was a choice on the first paper for this spec but there hasn't been since.
  14. I agree with most of the tasks predicted by Mr X, although it did mention about wanting to also have a social networking and e-media side to complement the TV ad so thought task 3 might ask for ways they could promote the game on these platforms as they did last year or the year before.

    Think the TV ad task is a bit mean with the tight time constraints, mine will struggle I think :(
  15. Do they need to include examples past questions one and two? Or does it depend on the nature of the question?
  16. eddie34

    eddie34 New commenter

    Im confused I teach AQA Media and have had no material as stated above! Is this for MEST 3??!!
  17. Chikin79

    Chikin79 New commenter

  18. Mr_X

    Mr_X New commenter



  19. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    I'm wondering if AQA have a got a new person on the exam paper.

    Being given a choice of games is quite unusual and I'm wondering if candidates might also be given a choice of production tasks?

    Obviously the storyboard has got to be there, but possibly a webpage as well?

    Just a thought..carry on...
  20. LowerEastSide

    LowerEastSide New commenter

    Yep I'm majoring on TV Trailer plus a cautionary eye on webpage / game box design?

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