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AQA Media Studies GCSE first time teacher. Advice?

Discussion in 'English' started by genb79, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. genb79

    genb79 New commenter

    In September I am teaching GCSE Media Studies for the first time. I will be the only one in the school teaching it. I was wondering if:
    • anyone has any general advice?
    • anyone has any planning that they would be willing to share? (e.g. long term plan, schemes of work..)
    Any help/advise is much appreciated - I have already looked through the materials on the AQA website but I'm still lacking confidence!
  2. millicent_bystander

    millicent_bystander New commenter

    I've got some schemes of work - we're currently updating so will send when they're done.
  3. *Teach them something practical straight away - using the phones on their cameras to take pictures for a fictional advert - or even a 10 second viral trailer for a fictional film using their camera phones and free software like windows movie maker.
    Swot up on camera shot types etc. and teach them the terminology through practical examples.
    *Make sure no CA tasks do NOT match the exam topic - it's TV crime dramas for 2012 and Music Print and Online Press for 2013.
    *The specification is your 'bible' - http://store.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcse/pdf/AQA-4810-W-SP.PDF
    *You'll need to see examples of good work - AQAs site is good, plus many students upload work to things like scribd and slideshare - have a browse.
    *check that youtube is unblocked for teachers at school.
    *Request attendance on a course - find the one you want and seek permission to go - if you are the only one teaching it, you have a right to go.
    *Download the storyboard exemplar and blank sheet from the AQA site - it's the bread and butter stuff of media studies.
    *Refer always in your planning and marking to the 4 KEY CONCEPTS: Audience; Institutions; Representation; Media Language.
    *Get kids talking about and exemplifying all of the new technologies they are using, they are so sharp with new gadgetry and the ways in which they use them represent new consumption habits (e.g. using smartphones whilst watching a film, to satisfy curiosities about what that actor's been in etc.) - things they can refer to in their work when asked, for example, how they would target specific audiences.
    *Enjoy yourself; it's fun.
  4. genb79

    genb79 New commenter

    Thanks for this advice. I am looking forward to teaching it, although equally I am a bit concerned given my school's lack of ICT equipment. Also, we are due Ofsted in September so I could potentially be observed teaching Media. Any advice for Ofsted-y type intro to Media lessons?

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