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AQA INFO3 Casestudy

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Bougalou, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. didn't even know it was out yet - thought it was 31 March. Will have a look and reply
  2. I can foresee possible questions on:
    3.1 Future developments
    3.3, 3.4, 3.5 - managing ICT, ICT strategies and policies
    possibly 3.6 - Legislation and
    3.12 Internal and External resources.
    Will be working on some resources soon - my lot are still finishing INFO4 at the moment.

  3. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Same here. Have only had a very quick look at it. One thing that is bugging me right now is why are there two reports that both seem to be saying the same things?
  4. Jwlive

    Jwlive New commenter

  5. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Thanks for the links. [​IMG]
  6. Has anyone any further suggestions or thoughts about the pre-release? I would really appreciate some discussion.
  7. The green issues are very current at the moment. Do you think a software scrappage scheme is actually a good idea? There has been a WEEE European Directive 2003 that became law in the UK in Jan 2007 aimed at hardware scrappage of electrical goods. It places the responsiblity on the manufacturer to recycle their products once the customer has finished using them. It hasn't been widely advertised to customers as yet - certainly I didn't know about it until I began to research this case study. Anyway sounds a good idea as it will change the way manufacturers design products to incorporate the fact that they will have to dimantle and recycle them at a later date. Note also that article A and B differ on their approach to working practice - I agree with Jwlive that there is a potential question in the making there.

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