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AQA ICT INFO2 results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ruchiagarwal, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. We share the same story. I actually taught OR in my previous job and after years of battle got some of it right. In my new job september 2010 I had to teach AQA. Now January results are unberable. so many students failed INFO 1, the easiest unit!! Oh God why am i doing this!!!
  2. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    INFO1 were much better than INFO2. Most students improved or remained as they were. Just 1 U in INFO1. Pretty much as expected.
  3. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Mine did badly on 6 & 7 too. Maximum for q7 was 12/20 and that is from a student with a very realistic chance of an Oxbridge offer next year.
  4. Ours only sat INFO 1 this January with INFO 2 to sit this summer. We were mixed really with our results - Achieved 100% A-C but a couple of my Cs should have been As. Checked on AQA Results analysis and these two students got full marks on every short answer question but on question 7, got about 10 out of 20 and this was enough to drop them two grade boundaries! Needless to say am already hot on essay practise in the lessons for INFO 2 :)

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