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AQA hsc Unit 6 & 14 scheme of work/ resources

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by RUTHF, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Desperate help needed - non biologist teaching these units does any one have a scheme of work or any resources that the would not mind sharing. I'll share what ever I have

    please email shygalroo@aol.com

  2. pretty please!
  3. anyone!
  4. Is that A level or GCSE? Im teaching unit 14 A level for the first time this yr- im a biology teacher. the school had no resources so im making some as i go along. not got a lot but your welcome to them if you want! let me know and ill zip it up and send it to you. Any chance you teach unit 4 for AS aswell? struggling to mark the c/w
  5. sorry- that was meant to be unit 3 (i think)- the health, illness and disease unit
  6. Email me, I have stuff for unit 4 child development. Anything you have on unit 14 Diagnosis and treatment would be most welcome. I'm not a biologist and I'm very nervous about teaching it. I don't want it to be boring so anything will be great. I think we have stuff for unit 3 as well (don't teach that one but can get hold of some stuff)
  7. Emma I've sent you some unit 3 stuff

  8. Hi
    I am also desperate for any help with unit 14 it is my first time teaching this and am struggling could you help please


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