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AQA History A Level Unit 2 markscheme clarification from AQA

Discussion in 'History' started by annajordan, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. annajordan

    annajordan New commenter

    I wrote to AQA to ask for clarification of the term 'assess' in their unit 2, question 1:

    With reference to your unit 2, question 1:
    “With reference to these sources and your understanding of the historical context, assess the value of these three sources to an historian studying….”
    a) Please would you clarify whether ‘assess’ means:
    1. Explain the value of each source
    2. Evaluate the value and limitation of each source
    2) Your level descriptor is unclear: “(L5) Shows a very good understanding of all three sources in relation to both content and provenance and combines this with a strong awareness of the historical context to present a balanced argument on their value for the particular purpose given in the question. The answer will convey a substantiated judgement. The response demonstrates a very good understanding of context.” Is substantiated judgement a direct comparison?

    a) evaluation not explanation (as one would expect, but always best to check - AQA Drama 'assess' means 'explain' - great coordination between subjects!)
    b) "The L5 mark scheme quoted is possibly misleading in referring to a substantiated judgement. For the A level exam with three sources, there is no requirement to compare the three for their value. Each should be dealt with separately- and a judgement reached at the end of each. A final concluding paragraph is not therefore required."

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