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AQA Historical Enquiry Coursework

Discussion in 'History' started by Listless, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Listless

    Listless New commenter

    I'm a little lost with this. I'm teaching a group of 4 students the Tudor rebellions for Unit 3 - the historical enquiry with the new AQA syllabus. I taught them the topic and context from Sep - late Jan like regular A-level history. They had 4 lessons every two weeks with me and another 8 lessons per 2 weeks with another teacher who is teaching them Unit 1.

    Now they are working independently on their own questions and I'm wondering what I should be actually doing during this time. Since I'm concerned they are spending too long on this work but it seems like they have a long time to complete the other two units in prep for their exam.

    Is anybody else in the same situation and can offer me advice on how best to support them in competing this study. As Y12s I feel we may have dropped them in the deep end a little with this one.
  2. varcolac

    varcolac Occasional commenter

    I'm not sure how you're splitting the teaching - 12 lessons a fortnight, with 4 for Unit 3, 8 for Unit 1 and none for Unit 2?

    We've got 10 hours a fortnight divided between two teachers. I'm doing Unit 2 and taking responsibility for Unit 3. We only started talking about coursework in February. We've given our students free choice of topic so there's been no teaching of context or content. They've had to submit reports to me every few weeks (2 at this point) on their current understanding of the debates within their topic areas (which range from 12th century Muslim Andalusia to the American Revolution). Mostly they've been satisfactory so far, with a few who I've needed to take aside and have a quiet word with about their understanding of the requirements and how one would approach the language of historical debate. That old classic of "17 year old thinks he knows more than an Oxford don" analysis has needed to be crushed out of a few of them.

    We're planning on having them draft the thing (at home most likely, with a few lessons dedicated to feedback and specific issues) by the end of the year, and then dedicate every lesson in the first few weeks of Year 13 to writing up the final thing. The IT department are going to hate us for having computer rooms every day for a quarter of a term, but we'd rather have it finished quickly so we can concentrate on exam skills and Unit 1/2 content until June.

    Not quite in the same situation as you; that's just how we're doing it.
  3. Listless

    Listless New commenter

    Thanks for your advice! They are doing Unit 2 in Y13 and a few lessons of Unit 1 to finish or for revision. Since I don't teach them the Unit 1 or 2 topic it's difficult for me to comment on how long it should take to complete the new spec.

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